Monday, May 05, 2014

I've worn this make up look a few times in the last few weeks as its so quick, easy to do and is a nice little change from my everyday makeup. Its only a simple cat eye with a either a lilac /pink lip, a bold plum lip or a bright red lip. I love this look with all three lipsticks as they are great for different occasions but let me know in the comments which lipstick you preferred with this look?

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Hope your having a great day!

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  1. Lovely fresh face!
    That (I think it was Bourjois) contour creme you mentioned looks really interesting.. I've been on the hunt for a creme bronzer for fair skin and I've yet to find one I really love. You mentioned it has potential to be bright orange, do you find in any lighting that your face looks more orange in the contoured areas with this creme?

    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva

    1. Thank you Stephanie! You should definitely try the bourjois bronzing primer , I love it! If applied with a heavy hand and not blended it can be a tad orangey as I'm so fair but since getting used to the texture and amount needed to contour , I don't find I look orange in different lights ( I hope not anyway he he ) x give it a whirl, I think you'll like it! I've never tried anything like it before and some people I've heard say that chanel own bourjois and therefore the bronzing primer is basically a cheaper packaged version of the Soleil Bronze tan der chanel! If so then the bourjois version is like £30 cheaper :) let me know if you try it out x I'd love to hear your thoughts x


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