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Even though I wear practically any shade in any season , I thought it would be fun to show you all my Favourite Spring Lip Products as I'm loving so many different shades at the moment. There are a lot of Beauty UK products mentioned as I absolutely LOVE the Beauty UK Lipsticks, the shades available are amazing and the pigmentation is awesome! The majority of my favourite lip products used to be from Rimmel London but Beauty UK Lipsticks have slowly but surely taken over from Rimmel as they are amazing quality and so affordable at £3.49 each.

In Order of above Swatches

I'd read online that Beauty UK's Snob lipstick was nearly identical and a cheaper dupe for MAC's Snob lipstick so I was sure to pick it up when I spotted it in my local Select store. Its a really nice everyday blue toned pale pinky/mauve shade which is one of the Beauty UK Matte Lipsticks. I like this shade a lot and wear it most days with my Maybelline Babylips over the top as the Matte texture can be a little drying on my lips. 

I received this Posh Pout to review last Summer and I was shocked at how pigmented the lip crayon was. It is a super moisturising and looks great on but I do have to admit I'm not fussed on the smell at all as its kind of minty but not really if you get me. I much prefer the smell of the Beauty UK Lipsticks than the Posh Pouts.

I fell in love with this lipstick as soon as I first swatched it. Its the perfect bubble gum pink lipstick which also has a Matte Finish. Its quite a pale pink so on my fair skin doesn't look as good as it would if i had a slight tan but I still love it whether it suits me or not.

This Posh Pout is very similar to my Mayelline babylips in Pink Punch. The shade is basically the same and its again very moisturising on my lips. I just wish they smelt nicer like the lipsticks do as they are a nice texture and the colour payoff is really good.

This smooch Lipstick is really pretty, its a lovely every day pink which is very hydrating on my lips.Its quite sheer and you do have to apply a lot to get good colour payoff but its a nice quick easy lipstick to throw in my bag and use as a top up through out the day. 

This lipstick is a 'my lips but better shade' as its a cool toned bright pink which I think really suits my skin tone. Its very drying though as the formula is a weird one. Its not matte or moisture finish its in-between which sticks to any dry areas but it is very pretty on my lips and I can add a gloss or a balm to ensure it doesn't look too dry and gross on my lips. 

Pink My Ride is a very very bright pink and I love it! Its so vibrant it remind me a lot of Mac Candy Yum Yum and Collection Pink Shock. Its super hydrating and is described as a 'wet' texture on the Beauty UK website! Its the perfect spring summer lipstick for evenings out and I think would suit most skin tones as it would look awesome on pale and darker skin tones.  

I'm not a huge coral lip fan but when I fancy a change from my usual pink/ lilac / nude lips I always grab this shade. Its a frost finish so its go a slight shimmer to it and its a nice everyday shade of coral. This lipstick is from the moisture renew range so its nice and moisturising.

Id never used a purple/ plum or even a darker lipstick before I purchased this lipstick and its amazing! I wanted a plum shade as Id seen Perrie from Little Mix wearing plum a lot in autumn and as she is quite pale I really wanted to try out a plum lipstick. This lipstick is again a 'wet' finish from Beauty UK and its so nice on my lips! I cant rave about it enough...I wore it tones in Autumn/Winter and as its such a change from my usual shades, I had loads of compliments on my make up when I wore it. 

This lipstick I won in a giveaway and its like a less pigmented matte version of the Beauty UK Plumalicious lipstick. Its very true to its name being a berry shade and is nice for when I want a darker plum shade on my lips without the WOW factor of the Plumalicious. Its a more everyday plum shade than the Plumalicious which I'm sure for people wanting to try darker lips is a perfect starting point. And its only £1 which is ridiculously cheap for such a nice shade.

Let me know what your favorite lip products are for Spring? Do we share any favourites? 

*This post contains PR Samples. 

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  1. I've never tried lipsticks from Beauty UK but they look really good. Will have to try some out. x

    1. They are amazing! I can't get enough of them and their shade selection is great too :) x

  2. Wow, what beautiful colours. So bright and fresh :)

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

    1. Thank you :) I love my pinks hehe x

  3. Wow you have so many different colours!! They all look so pretty & super pigmented in your swatches! I like a nice pink for Spring time too (kind of like the Poppin' Pink one) - there are so many shades of pink in stores right now, I feel like I could buy dozens and still see ones I like haha
    Great selection of lip products!

    Cat | CACHOO JOO

    1. AW thank you :) me too they are my fav ! Pink is just perfect all year round but I agree poppin pink is lush for spring! X tell me about it, I swatched a dozen yesterday in store and need them all, all so new ( but so similar) hehe x

  4. The colours are amazing and I love how affordable the Beauty UK products are!! I'd seriously reccomend Rimmel Kate Moss lippies, their a little more pricey but seriously good!

    Sarah xx


    1. Thank you :) me too, they are amazing for the price, i seriously don't know how they make them so good for so cheap ! I had a swatch of the new Kate moss lippies yesterday, oh my I need them all now :) x


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