Friday, May 02, 2014

Since discovering how to do daisy nail art I have been obsessed with painting my nails and then adding an accent daisy nail. It looks great in so many colour variations and when I did these nails I loved them. I love how to OPI coral/orange looks with the white and gold studded nail art. I've also loved playing around with my nail vinyls recently to create the chevron pattern. 

I used OPI Nail Lacquer in the shade 'I eat mainly lobster' , Colour Works French Manicure White and Seche Vite Top Coat. I love this OPI Shade its so pretty for Spring/Summer.

I also used my Primark Nail Art Wheel for the gold rounded studs, a dotting tool and my Colour Works Base Coat. If you haven't got a dotting tool you can stick a pin into the end of a pencil rubber and this makes the perfect size dotting tool for my Daisy petals. 

After Id painted my nails with the colour works base coat, I applied two coats of the OPI ' I eat mainly Lobster' to my nails. This shade is so beautiful as it has a slight shimmer to it and catches the light so nice in summer. Its a really nice shade and I've used it loads. I then apply a layer of the Seche Vite Top coat on the nail that I want the chevron pattern to be on.

Once the Top coat is completely dry, I then took my homemade Nail vinyls in a chevron pattern and applied them to my nails leaving a gap between them where I will paint the French white to achieve the Chevron design. 

I love how the chevron pattern looks on my nails and I think the vinyls work really well. When using nail vinyls you HAVE to apply a quick drying top coat before you stick the vinyls down otherwise when you remove the vinyl it will peel up your base colour. 

I only applied one coat of the white to my chevron nail and while it was still wet I carefully removed the nail vinyl with tweezers. I think the finished look is really cool and so easy to do. 

I then placed some white nail polish onto a piece of kitchen foil and used my DIY dotting tool to dot the daisy design onto my nails. I start by dotting one dot onto my nail and then following round in a circle with 5 dots in total to create the petals. I watched this youtube tutorial first. 

I did this on my Ring and Index finger nails and just dotted where I wanted the daisy's to be which turned out that I had three on each nail. I think these daisy's are really cute! 

I then used a smaller dotting tool and created white polka dots on my thumb and pinky finger. 

I also added gold studs and balls to the centre of the daisy's which I think looks really nice and finishes the look off perfectly! I have created this nail art design a few times and have also dotted the base colour in the centre of the daisy's which looks lovely too!

Let me know what you think of this nail art design, Id also love to see your pictures if you do recreate this nail art so tweet or instagram me your pictures, @SophieJenner on Twitter and @SophieJenner1 on instagram!

I hope you are all having a great weekend! Thanks for reading!

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  1. Great post Sophie!! Love these nails :) Brill tutorial!! :) I need to try this out :D
    Ava xox

    1. Thanks Ava! I'm so glad you liked this tutorial! I'd love to see if you do try out this look..@ me on instagram when you do :) x

  2. Awww they look so good! Great tutorial! Definitely will try this!! :)


    1. Thank you :) let me know if you do I'd love to see your pics! X

  3. Wow they look as good as when I pay to get mine done! Wish I had your skills, look gorgeous! xx

    1. Aww thank you so much Eloise! I practice A Lot :) practice makes perfect he he x


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