Monday, April 28, 2014

Having such long thick hair I should have really invested in a good hair brush a long time ago but I always resented paying over a fiver for a hair brush. But having tested out The Wet Brush*, I'm kicking myself that Ive been struggling with normal cheap hair brushes for so long. The wet brush is AMAZING! It has IntelliFlex bristles which basically means it has super soft flexible bristles which easily glide through the hair and detangle without pulling and snapping my hair. 

The brush is a nice shape that fits well in my hand which makes it really comfortable to use. I couldn't believe how well it detangled my hair when I first used it as I'm normally breaking my hair trying to get the knots out with my old brushes. It was gliding through my hair so easily that I didn't think it was even working, I thought the bristles where bending flat and not getting into my hair but it was. I re brushed my hair with my old brush and couldn't believe all of my crazy knots had gone so quickly without hurting my scalp.

I think this brush is well worth the money as it has made the condition if my hair so much better since using it and I really enjoy using the brush. Ive used it on wet and dry hair and i haven't been using as much conditioner when I wash my hair as I don't need it to help with detangling my hair when the wet brush does that perfectly, this means that my hair is staying cleaner for longer and looks more bouncy as its not being weighed down by product.
The Wet brush* is available from Sally's and Salons Nationwide for £11.99, But on at the moment its £8.99. 

I love this brush and I can't recommend it enough. Let me know if you've tried The Wet Brush and if you have a tangle teezer, how does The Wet Brush compare? 

Hope you like my review!

*This product has been sent to me for review but I am by no means being biased and my opinions on the brush are 100% honest. 

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