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After seeing Revivaphone on Dragons Den a few weeks ago and Craig and I being WOWed by it, we knew exactly what to try when Craig's sister accidental put her mobile in the washing machine. Revivaphone is a designed to bring your phone back to life after it has been water damaged. After speaking with Oliver the director of Reviveaphone about the mobile going in the washing machine, Oliver did advise me that Reviveaphone may not work for us as it's been through a complete washing cycle. Revivaphone has had rave reviews for reviving mobiles that have been dropped in the bath or pool so we where still very excited to see if it would revive a mobile that had been in the washing machine.

The kit comes with the Reviveaphone solution which is a liquid that cleans all of the mineral deposits from the water off of the phone so that it can work again , a pouch to pop the mobile and solution into and a tray to leave the phone in to dry out. The packaging is really professional and I think the overall kit looked great and it was really easy to use.
After we had left the phone in the pouch with the solution for 7 minutes as the instructions say to,we placed it into the plastic tray to dry out. We left the mobile in the tray for 24hrs as advised and then tried to turn the phone on...
Unfortunately the phone didn't turn on but we will keep trying as I read a few reviews prior to trying revivaphone for myself and some people have left the phone weeks after using the kit and their mobiles have turned back on so our fingers are still crossed.

As I said before Oliver did advise me that revivaphone isn't really for use on phones that have been in the washing machine but with summer coming up I wanted to share this amazing product with you all anyway as I'm sure it would work great for anyone who has accidentally dropped their phone in the bath or jumped in a pool with their phone in their pocket.

Below are a few of the amazing Testimonials Revivaphone has received so far from a few of their very happy customers...


Well, first of all. i wasn’t sure whether to buy this product as i thought there was no way it could help my completely water damaged iphone. as my screen was completely black. however for £15 i thought i may as well give it a try. to my surprise the product worked like a dream now my iphone is practically good as new. i believe this product is a must have for any water damaged phone/iphone as you will not believe the results it can have. 5 STAR PRODUCT!
By Hannah Watson

Brilliant product

I fell off my bike into a canal with IPhone 5 in back pocket. Both I and phone were covered in crap! I got advice from the internet. Rice had no beneficial effect but found this product and it recovered it. Easy to use. The only problem is resisting the urge to turn the phone back on before the prescribed time. A brilliant product.
By David Taylor

It worked for me

It worked despite phone fully immersed in water. Very odd having to immerse the phone back into a liquid,however,after drying in pouch with silica gel bag, turned phone on and it worked. Certainly worked for us. Happy daughter now!
By R.Moseley

It Works 100%

I done a quadruple pike into the pool mortal in magaluf, stayed in the pool for about 20 mins and realized my iphone 5 was in my pocket, i tried the old rice trick and it didnt work, i was ready to bin my phone, 5 days later i came across this and thought id give it a shot before i fork out 230 for a new phone and i have to say it 100% works, my screen is dull an the apps have tiny lines coming off them but im putting that down to the length of time i was in the pool and the 5 days until i got home and done something about it, this product is well worth a try, thanks alot revivaphone
By Gary Cruickshanks

iphone in water

I dropped my iphone down the toilet, devestated!! but thanks to this product which I must admit I wasnt convinced, it now works, all my photos and info are still there. brilliant buy!
By T.A.Morris

The Revivaphone kit is available from for £14.99 which I think is awesome if your £300+ mobile is broken due to water damage £15 to fix it is well worth a try!

Have you tried revivaphone? Would this be something you'd try to fix your water damaged mobile?

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