Saturday, March 15, 2014

Every year I decorate a birthday cake for Craigs birthday and its always a complete surprise what the theme is for Craig. This year as Craig loves everything Lego themed I decided to attempt a Lego cake and I was so chuffed with the finished result. 
I did a lot of googleing and took lots of inspiration from cakes I'd seen on pinterest. I decided to decorate the cake with Lego bricks in primary colours and have the cake look as though the white icing had been peeled back to reveal the Lego underneath. 

I didn't bake the cake as I have always bought the ASDA large birthday cake which Craig & I love as its beautiful and has the best butter cream and jam filling! Yum! Its £8 and serves 32 which I think is amazing value for money. 

I also bought the Dr.Oetker coloured ready to roll icing which has 5x 100g packs of coloured icing in black,yellow,red,blue and green, which are the perfect colours for the Lego bricks. I also bought the ASDA white ready to roll icing for the curls of peeled back icing. 
I then rolled out a small amount of each of the coloured icing and carefully cut the icing into thin rectangles strips using a sharp knife. I then placed them to one side on the cutting matt with lots of icing sugar to stop them from sticking to the matt. 
Using a small paint brush and some water, I then started to stick the rectangle strips to the side of the cake, alternating colours and sizes. This then formed the side of my Lego brick wall. 

I continued to stick the rectangle strips to the top of the cake and then used a small round piping nozzle to make the Lego bumps. This did take a while and was very fiddly as each bump had to be stamped and stuck on individually. I used water again to stick them to the bricks. 
I forgot to take photos of making the bricks, icing curls and Lego ' Craig' name Plaque but they where relatively easy. 

For the bricks, the coloured icing comes as a block anyway so I just rolled the block a little thinner than it was and carefully cut squares and rectangles out with my sharp knife. I then used a larger piping nozzle than before and stamped out the Lego brick bumps, then stuck them onto the top of the bricks. Using a small amount of water again, I lightly placed the bricks where I wanted them on the cake.
The name plaque was really simple. I used icing stampers to cut out Craig's name in white icing and then cut rectangles out of the black ,yellow and red icing to look like the 'Lego' logo. 
To finish the cake off I rolled out some white icing so it was a nice thickness for the curls then cut out 7 triangle shapes. I then rolled them carefully and stuck them onto the edge if the cake and brick section.
I was so pleased with the finished cake and even though it took me a good 4.5hrs in total , the look on Craig's face when he saw it was totally worth it. 
I love decorating a cake for Craig every year and I'm looking forward to planning his next surprise cake.  I hope this post helps out anyone thinking of doing a Lego themed cake as I read so many posts and watched some great tutorials on YouTube for lego cakes which really helped and inspired me!

Thanks for reading!

*This post is also my food post for topic 6 of the #2014BloggerChallenge

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  1. That looks so good! Can you make my birthday cake?

    1. Aww thanks so much Robin! Im glad you like it x

  2. Wow, great job!
    It's so much fun decorating cakes.
    Usually very time consuming but totally worth it in the end!

    1. Thank you Kate! It was fun and well worth it in the end even with a huge back ache haha! :)

  3. Wow this looks great!! Well done!! :) xx

  4. WOW!! This is absolutely wonderful! Love the creativity. What an amazing job you did there :)

  5. You did an amazing job on this! Well done indeed!

  6. That cakes looks really professional you know! D: I'm so impressed. I would've loved it for my birthday - even if I wasn't crazy about lego lol. Great handywork ^^

  7. Aw thanks Olivia! I really appreciate your kind words :) x


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