Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Its no secret that I love a good packet of crisps! Everyday without fail with my lunch I will have a pack and I try and vary which flavour and brand I purchase on my weekly shop. But recently I've found myself craving time and time again for the REAL crisps*. They are hand cooked and AMAZING! I expressed my love for the REAL crisps to their team and was lucky enough to receive some to review, which wasn't going to be hard as I already had tons to say about these crisps...

I received the multipack which includes the flavours Sea Salt, Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar and Strong Cheese & Onion. These crisps honestly are so tasty and full of flavour.

For the amount of full flavour you'd expect them to be high in weight watchers pro points, but they are actually really good at only 3 pro points per 25g pack. The Cheese & Onion flavour are a little higher at 5 pro points per pack but still low enough to enjoy a pack a day and stay within your  daily pro points allowance. 

I also love the packaging of all the REAL Crisps as its a matte finish packet with a bold flavour print and each packet also features a person who represents the flavour. Its a really quirky touch which I like as it's different from all the other crisp brands.

The crisps are perfectly hand cooked and golden. They aren't powdery like some crisps can be and they are nice and crunchy. For me they are the perfect crisps if you love original old fashioned crisp texture. No ridges and puffs just the perfect REAL Crisp!
These crisps always stand out for me in the crisp isle and for £1.35 for a pack of 6 , I think that's awesome value for money especially when these crisps are so nice! They also do a Roast OX flavour which is my favourite flavour AND there's 4 flavours which I haven't tried yet which look and sound amazing!

Have you tried the REAL Crisps? What's your favourite flavour?


*This post contains PR Samples.

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