Friday, February 14, 2014

I love funky nail art designs as you all know and with it being valentines day today I just couldn't resist doing a valentines day manicure! I wanted something pretty but different and came up with this manicure so I hope you like it...
I started off by painting my nails with two coats of white and red polish, painting only two of my nails red on each hand. I used 17 limited edition red nail polish and the colour workshop French white polish. I love these polishes as they are such a nice consistency and you only need to coats. 
I then used a black nail art pen from Primark ( which I forgot to photograph woops sorry ) to paint on a noughts and crosses pattern on my thumb nail. I left 3 spaces in a row free so that I could paint 3 love hearts there. 
I then carefully painted 3 love hearts in the spaces with a nail art brush and the same red I used for my other nails.
I love the way this looks as its so effective and doesn't have to be perfectly painted on.
I then used some nail tape and cut a heart shape into it with some scissors. Making sure my white ring finger nail was dry first , I then placed the nail tape on my nail and sponged on top of the tape so that once removed a heart is left on my nail.
I could have hand painted the heart onto my nail but I like the effect the sponge gives to the heart.
I then used my Fing'rs EDGE nail tattoos that look like love letters and applied this to my middle finger nail. These transfer paper tattoos are so easy to use as you just dip them in water and place onto your nail. The love letter nail looks so effective!
Once my red nails where dry I used my white nail art pen from Primark and painted little hears onto my fore finger nail.
I then used a small dotting tool and dotted white polka dots onto my pinky finger nail using the same white polish as before.
I decided the love letter nail needed a kiss so I carefully painted lips onto the corner of my nail. I think this made the nail look super cute and finished the manicure off perfectly!
I love this manicure and will be creating more funky nail art designs soon as I just can't get enough! The Nail Candy book featured in my last post has really inspired me and taught me a lot of handy tips.  

I hope you have all had a lovely valentines day and let me know if you did a valentines day manicure, I'd love to see it!

Thanks for reading,

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  1. these are amazing!! Did you do them yourself?! so cool

    1. Thank you Louise! I did indeed do them myself :) I love nail art! Glad you like them x

  2. So cute x


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