Sunday, December 01, 2013

Today I have another review / demo of the Nailtopia 3D nail stickers from their festive range. These stickers are called the 'Merry Christmas Red Gold & Green' and are available from for £2.99! 

This pack comes with lots of festive stickers including Santa , Christmas trees , holly , reindeer and snowflakes so that you can create loads of cute Christmas manicures.
I started off my Christmas manicure by painting my nails with red and white nail polish alternating between the two. I used the same polishes as in my last festive manicure which you can check out by clicking here. I then let them dry completely before adding the nail stickers.
I then started to pick up my chosen stickers with my tweezers and placed them onto my nails. These stickers are so easy to use and they are so sticky there is no need to glue them down they adhere to the dry nail polish really well. 
I then carried on applying the stickers to my nails and applied a little pressure with my finger to ensure all the edges of the sticker where stuck down completely.
I loved how these stickers looked on my nails. My only minor issue with them is that as they are 3D nail art stickers and they did feel very thick on my nails so didn't feel as though they would last on my nails for very long. Even after I had top coated all of my nails they where very 3D and lasted me a day before I picked them off but that's me personally I prefer nail art and nail stickers to be flat upon my nails for comfort and so that they last longer. If you don't mind the feel of 3D nail art on your nails like rhinestones and 3D bows then you would get on fine with these as they would feel the same. 
I really like the designs you can come up with using these nail art stickers and as you can see I placed a Santa sleigh and a few reindeer on my thumb along with a little house and trees to look as though Santa is flying above the houses on Christmas eve, which I think looks really cute!

These stickers would be an awesome stocking filler this Christmas and I will definitely be using them again over the Christmas period as the designs get so many compliments and look like I've spent hours doing my nails when this manicure literally took me no time at all. The stickers are really easy to use and like I said above would last a good few days if you don't mind there 3D feel on your nails. 

I hope you like this review and demo! Let me know what you think of these nail stickers?

Thanks for reading!

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