Thursday, November 28, 2013

Gregg's festive bake = 12 pro points per bake

I love it when Gregg's bring out their festive bakes every year along with their festive cakes as it starts to feel like Christmas has arrived. And even though I'm at my goal with weight watchers I still have to keep track of my points daily to maintain my goal weight. So you may think that Gregg's is a total no go when sticking to weight watchers points, but its not! A bake and a cake is totally fine as long as you have counted and stayed within either your daily or your weekly points. I thought I'd make the points counting a little easier for you all and I have listed below the points values for all of the Gregg's festive range .

Gregg's festive Brie bacon and cranberry baguette = 15
Gregg's Christmas Lunch Sandwich = 12
Gregg's Gingerbread Man cupcake = 8
Gregg's Christmas Ring Bun = 5
Gregg's Roudolf Cupcake = 9
 Gregg's Christmas Tree Cupcake = 8
Gregg's Minced Pie = 8
Gregg's Christmas Cake Bar = 8
Gregg's festive flapjack = 9
Gregg's Snowman doughnut = 9
Gregg's Snowman Biscuit = 9
Gregg's Robin Biscuit Pop = 9

I hope you liked this post and it helps you enjoy your Gregg's festive treats without thinking your using 30 points on a cupcake. As you can see all of the above arent breaking your points bank too much and its not a stupid amount of points to treat yourself this christmas! 

Let me know if you'd like more of these posts and what Gregg's festive treat is your fav? I had the festive bake and the gingerbread man cupcake today and it was delish ☺ Enjoy! 

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