Sunday, November 17, 2013

Today I'm finally catching up on my Liebster Award Nominations. I feel very honored to have been nominated for this award 5 times since I was first nominated back in September! I really appreciate all of my nominations and I want to thank Kelsey, Lisa , Kirsty , Hannah  and Dominique for kindly nominating me for this award!

I'm sure everyone is well aware of the rules of this award but if not they are -

  • Each nominee must link back to the person that nominated them.
  • Each nominee must first list 11 random facts about their self.
  • Answer the 10 questions which are given to you by the nominator.
  • Nominate 10 other bloggers you like and who have less than 200 followers.
  • Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer.
  • Let them know that they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them.

As I have multiple nominations I will be picking 2 of my favourite questions to answer from each person who nominated me so that I have answered 10 questions in total.

  • I love crisps and chocolate and I'm so glad that I can still eat them every day (within points) even though I'm doing weight watchers! 
  • I've been loosing weight with weight watchers for 32 weeks now and have kept a record of everything I've eaten everyday! I'm now maintaining my goal weight but I've lost 35lb in total.
  • I love painting my nails and there's rarely a time when they aren't painted! 
  • I'm becoming a HUGE fan girl for Little Mix and Taylor Swift! As well as Lady GAGA, Katy Perry and Ellie Goulding! I think they are all amazing and really talented! 
  • I never miss an episode of Radio 1 innuendo bingo! If I miss it live I ALWAYS catch up on the radio 1 YouTube channel! Its so funny!
  • I literally know most of the words to most well know Nicki Minaj, Eminem and Iggy azalea songs and think I'm the coolest girl rapper ever when I rap along to the song in time haha! #CRINGEY 
  • I could laugh at cat GIF's all day!
  • I regularly search #BitchesBeLike on instagram for LOLZ. 
  • I love all genres of music but when I hear a good drum and base or dance tune there is no telling what will happen to me when the beat drops! I love to rave around the house looking like a complete fool but loving life!
  • If I'm not going anywhere and I'm having a chill day/weekend I will spend most of it cuddled up with my fiance in our onesie's with the cats sat on our laps! 

1. Favourite place in the whole world?
Paris! I loved Paris when Craig took me there for my 18th Birthday and Cant wait to go back there soon! 

2. If you were given £5000/$5000 and a whole mall to yourself what would you buy?
First I would buy an awesome new Canon Camera! I'm on the hunt for a new camera at the moment for Christmas and don't know which one I should buy :( Its so hard to find a good but semi-affordable camera for YouTube HD videos and blogging! Suggestions welcome please :) I would then buy lots of lovely new clothes from River Island, New look and Primark and then go wild in MAC and Boots on lots of cosmetics and accessories! I would also buy lots of nice clothes for Craig and some new gadgets as he would love some new tech goodies and games. I would also like to get a new TV and sofa so I would defo buy those too! Awww I really want this £5000 now :( 

3. How often do you dye your hair, if at all?
I don't dye my hair that often , for a red head I should touch up my roots more often than I do but I really don't mind having roots for a while.As long as my hair is root free and looking nice for an occasion like my birthday and Christmas I don't mind! I'd say I have it done 4-5 times a year , Christmas,Craig birthday, Summer and My Birthday. 

4. What is your favourite animal?
CATS! Without a doubt! I just love how clever and sneaky cats are but they are also super cuddly and loving! I love our cats so much and they make our little family complete. 

5. Do you like to stick to the same beauty products that you know work, or do you like to mix it up?
I generally do stick to the same beauty products for my base make up like foundation and bronzer but love to try out new lipstick,blush and mascara when new ones get released.

6.What is your favourite season for fashion and why?
My Favourite season for fashion would have to be autumn/winter.I love getting wrapped up warm in a nice winter sweater or jumper and paring my skinny jeans with a nice pair of winter biker boots or Hi-Tops.

7.High-end or High-street?
High Street for sure! I don't own any High-end cosmetics at the moment other than my MAC brushes but I love how many great high street products there are at the moment and how many you can pick up for the price of one high end product. I love a good bargain , Don't we all?

8.Which brands would you like to work with?
I'd love to work with Rimmel and Revlon as Im a huge fan of their various ranges and would love to create a lipstick line or nail polish collection with them just to see how its all done and how it all comes together.

9.Favourite perfume?
My all time favourite perfume is YSL ELLE which I cannot rave about enough! I have a review coming very soon of the YSL ELLE Gift set from fragrance direct which includes a YSL Mascara which I love also!

10.What 3 makeup products could you not live without?
Foundation is my must for perfect looking flawless skin, Mascara as I don't look awake unless I have a nice coat of mascara on and lipstick as there is nothing worse than foundation lips haha! I could use the lipstick also as a cream blush if I only had 3 products. 



1. One beauty product you can't live without?
2. What is your favourite Perfume?
3. What's your all time favourite lip stick?
4. If you could live anywhere in the world , where would it be and why?
5.Whats your favourite animal and why?
6. What is your favourite food?
7. What is your favourite Quote?
8. Why did you start blogging?
9.Which Blogger/Youtuber is your favourite and why?
10. Where do you buy most of your clothes? 

If you have already been nominated for this award thats no problem at all, you can do what I did if you want to take part and choose a couple of questions to answer from each of the people who nominated you. 

I hope you all like my random facts about me and my answers! 

Thanks for reading!

and if you made it this far comment...I MADE IT haha , thank you for reading! x 

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  1. thank you for nominating me! i've followed your blog :)
    Becci x

  2. thank you so much for nominating me! x

  3. Thanks for nominating me Lovely!

    I've replied to your post so check it out if you have time :)

  4. Hey girly! Again, thank you so much for the nomination! Here's my post. Hope you enjoy it! (:

  5. Again, thank you so much for the nomination. Here is my post! I hope you enjoy reading it!! P.s I tried commenting on here and I'm not sure if it went through. sooo sorry if there's double! :P


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