Sunday, October 27, 2013

I recently received these Nail art water decals from Sparkly-Nail to review for Halloween and I'm so pleased with them! I haven't used Water Decals like these before, I have only used the Fing'rs nail art tattoos which are completely different to these. These Water decals are much easier to apply and look fantastic! 

These Decals are called the Bewitched Nail Water Decals and they are available on for £1.55 a pack. A pack contains 20 individual decals which is great as you can create a full manicure on each hand with these decals and still have enough for your toes or for next Halloween!
I start off by removing any nail varnish from my nails so that I have bare nails to begin my Halloween Manicure. Please excuse my blue tones nails as they are a little stained from my previous nail polish. 
For this Halloween Manicure I chose to use my Barry M Gelly Polish in the shade Key Lime, Revlon Nail polish in the shade Zealous and Avon's Nail polish in the shade Creamsicle. Above is a picture of my nails painted with one coat of each polish. 
I applied two coats of the Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine polish and a few more of the other polishes as they are a lot thinner and I wanted the colours to be completely opaque. I really like these polishes and think the colours are perfect Halloween colours. 
The Nail Water Decals come on a white backing paper as shown above and with a clear plastic film on the top of them. The instructions are really easy to follow and say to apply the water decals, cut around your decal and remove the clear film. I would advise that you cut around the decals prior to painting your nails as it can get a bit fiddly but once they are cut out its super easy to do. Then wait until your nail polish is completely dry before applying the water decals. 
Next all you have to do is dip the water decal in water for 15 seconds (shown below) and then slide the decal off onto your finger or with tweezers. The decals aren't sticky so you can easily place it on your finger ready to apply to your chosen nail. 
The decals where really easy to place in position as they don't stick straight away so if you lightly press the decal onto your nail and then position it until your happy, they adhere to your nail polish really well. Once in place the instructions say to press the decal down with your finger and then dab with some tissue paper to remove any excess water. 
This is how my nails looked once I had applied a few of the water decals. As the decals aren't sticky I was so surprise at how well they adhered to my nails and where flat so didn't have any annoying ruff edges sticking up or creases once on my nails. I was really impressed with them and was shocked how good they looked. 
I really like how the water decals look on my nails and I cant wait to order some more of these amazing water decals as I normally spend so long painting my nails free hand and then being annoyed when I have accidentally scuffed them and ruined the design. 
These where so easy to apply and I will definitely be getting more for the Christmas season. Sparkly Nails have loads of different designs which will be lovely for Christmas manicures and I will be recommending these to everyone!
I think the finished manicure looks great and looks like I've spent ages painting them when applying these water decals literally took me 10 minutes. I love how they feel completely flush with my nail as I hate it when nail art stickers have an edge to them and get caught in my hair and feel ruff to touch. They look like I have stamped them on with a nail art stamping kit which again I find tricky and takes at least half hour. The Sparkly-Nails Water Decals are so quick and easy to do and Once finished with a top coat to seal them look Fantastic! 

For £1.55 you really cant go wrong AND you still have time to get yours for Halloween. If you order yours tomorrow (Monday) before 3 pm via 1st class post ,Sparkly nails will dispatch your order the same day. Also if you order over £20 delivery is FREE!

I love these Sparkly-Nails Water Decals and can't wait to try out some more designs.

I hope you like this post! Let me know what you think of my Halloween Manicure.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Cool! I love crazy decals on the nails! :))

  2. They look fab! I love decals for easy and quick nail art since I suck at free hand lol xx
    Pretty Wonderful

    1. They are amazing Alice! So easy and quick! X you don't suck at free hand your nail art is good! :-) x x x

  3. Echt super leuk gedaan! Ook heel leuk zo met die verschillende kleuren nagels!

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