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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Hi everyone!
I hope your all having a great start to the weekend! I just wanted to share with you the Weight Watchers PronPoints for Domino's Pizza Takeaway. I had this takeaway two weeks ago to celebrate getting to my goal weight and loosing 2.5st. We hadn't had a takeaway since march so as you can imagine this tasted amazing. I still counted all my points in the week leading up to our treat and also counted the pizza but I had saved all my 49 weeklies all week because I knew I'd need them as I didn't want to go over my dailys and weeklies. 
So to start off I weighed out 100g of the chicken stripper starter which worked out at 3 strippers. And then went on to have 5 pieces of a large half and half dominator base pizza which on my half was meteor, Craig's half was Texas BBQ. I will list the points below and also list other Dominos pizza pro points so hopefully that helps you to treat yourself within points. It can be done!
The Pro Points-
3x chicken strippers - 100g = 6pp

Large Meteor Dominator base pizza -per slice = 9pp

5x Large Meteor Dominator base pizza - half a pizza = 45pp

Garlic & herb dip - per pot = 2pp 

Diet coke = 0pp

Total meal = 55

Domino's Pizza Pro Points -
Domino's large dominator meteor pizza - per slice = 9
Domino's large meteor pizza classic crust - per slice = 7
Domino's large dominator Texas BBQ pizza - per slice = 8
Domino's large dominator full house pizza - per slice =9
Domino's large dominator Hawaiian pizza - per slice = 8
Domino's large Hawaiian pizza normal crust - per slice = 5
domino's chicken strippers - per 100g = 6
Per 100g = protein- 17   carbs - 13.5    fat- 12.4     Fibre -1.1
Dominos garlic n herb dip - per pot = 2

Hope this post was helpful and don't forget you can treat yourself within points :-) its what keeps you going and your less likely to cave and over indulge if you treat yourself in moderation.

Thanks for reading!

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