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Monday, September 23, 2013

I hope you have all had a great weekend! As you may know I have been doing weight watchers now for 25 weeks and I have finally reached my ultimate weight loss goal. I started my weight watchers journey on the 9th April 2013 weighing 11st 6lb and on the 10th September 2013 I reached my ultimate goal meaning I now weight 9st. I took me 23 weeks to loose 34lb and I'm super chuffed! When i started my weight loss journey in April I didn't think i would loose any weight at all as I LOVE my food and I'm a real foodie but as weight watchers allows you to eat all your favourite foods within your weight watchers pro points Its been amazing to still be loosing weight whilst still enjoying all my fav foods! 

Continue reading to see my before and after photographs...

Before                                    After      
My Stats 9.4.13 

Age = 21
Height = 5ft 4in
Weight = 11st 6lb - 160lb
Smoker = No
Drinker = No
Dress Size = 14
Jean Size (Skinny Jeans ) = 14-16
T-Shirt Size = 12-14
Activity level = Low ( walking ) 

Before                                       After 

Weight Watchers Points Stats - 

Daily Points Allowed = 26
Extra Weekly Points Allowed = 49
Activity Level = 1 45min Work out a week + Walking Daily + Tennis Fortnightly 

My Stats - 10.9.13

Age = 21
Height = 5ft 4in
Weight = 9st 0lb - 126lb
Smoker = No
Drinker = No
Dress Size = 10
Jean Size (Skinny Jeans ) = 10
T-Shirt Size = 8-10
Activity level = 1 45min Workout a week + 1 20min Kettle Bell  work out a week + Walking Daily 

What Food I have been eating?

I haven't stopped eating any of my normal daily food or any of my favourite snacky foods, I have just made sure that whatever food I have eaten has been within my daily points allowance or within my weekly points allowance and cut down my portion sizes to fit within my points. If you would like to see my general food list I have made up over the last 23 weeks click here. I also have example 'What I ate' weight watcher style posts linked below.  I have also been using an app called WW POINTS CALCULATOR which is on Android and its an app which allows me to work out points for any foods which have nutritious information on the back of the packet, which most foods have. You can also use any Weight Watcher Pro Points Calculator on IOS or Android to work out your points. 

The first couple of weeks I didn't work out at all apart from my daily walking but after around a month of weight watchers I downloaded the app called Nike Training Club and it is brilliant! I started at the get lean, beginner level and started out doing the 30 min work outs once a week.  Its such a great app and really keeps you going as you can add your own music from your library which I love as my music is the only thing that keeps me going when I'm feeling really worn out. Its really helpful as there is a video of each exercise which will play if your not to sure what the instructor is telling you to do and it times down so you know how long you have left. The 30 min work outs go by super fast as your trying really hard and Its so worth the feeling afterwards. 

Once I was used to working out more , I upped my workout routine to a 45 min Nike Training Club app Work out a week and 1 20 min Kettle bell work out a week. I watched a YouTube video which i will link below and used a 4kg kettle bell. This was so that i could start toning up my body a little once I had started to loose more weight. 

I repeated this video 3x in total once a week which ment this workout would take me 20 minutes to complete. 

I have also been drinking so much water since I started weight watchers as water is so good for your health anyway and also helps you to feel more full when your cutting out some of your crappier foods or just cutting down your portion sizes. I found that if I didn't feel totally full after a meal I would drink a glass of water and it really does fill you up so your less likely to snack if you feel full. 

I can't say its been easy to stop eating all my favourite foods excessively but I can say its been more  fun to watch pounds come off my weight every week than It was to be unhappy with my weight back in April. I can now fit into clothes sizes that haven't fitted me for at least 5 years and I'm more comfortable in myself that I used to be. I was so unhappy with my weight and my skin, also since loosing weight and drinking more water, my skin on my face has never been so clear and free of spots. 

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post all about my weight loss journey and If you are thinking of starting weight watchers then I would definitely recommend its the right weight loss path to take as fad diets don't last, make you feel ill with the lack of food your allowed to eat and also are less likely to keep the weight off. I will soon be at 8st 12lb and that is so that i can have a 2lb cushion to stay between 8st12lb and 9st so that i can treat myself over Christmas and my birthday and not weight more than my ideal weight of 9st.

If you would like any advise or have any questions about weight watchers, feel free to leave them in the comment section below as I would love to help you on your journey.

Thanks for reading!

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