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Thursday, August 01, 2013

As you know I've been loosing weight with Weight Watchers in the past 16 weeks and I'm 1 pound away from loosing 2 stone :) Then its 6 pound to go until my ultimate goal! So I thought I would share with what I ate on a 31 point day.
As I'm on 26 points a day, I used 5 of my 49 on this particular day as I don't save my whole 49 for one day, I take a few here and there through out the week. This helps me to not crave chocolate and over indulge on the weekend as I feel I'm eating enough sweet things through out the week. As I have a massive sweet tooth :) 

Breakfast -
Cup of tea, with 1 sugar = 1
Aldi Benefit cereal = 3
Milk 142ml = 1
(I use the 142ml for my cereal and my tea so its only 1 point)
Banana on my cereal = 0
Weight watchers caramel chocolate cake bar =2

Total breakfast = 7 points 

Lunch -
Chicken breast strips  40g = 1 
Salad - tomatoes - cucumber - iceberg lettuce - shredded Carrot - Red Cabbage = 0

Total lunch = 1 point

Snack -

Weight Watchers Salt & Vinegar Hoop Crisps = 2

Dinner - 
220g Cooked Penne Pasta = 6
200g Creamy Cheese & Ham Pasta Sauce = 6
Smoked Back Bacon Rashers x 2 = 4

Total Dinner = 16

After dinner snack/ desert -

Aldi Titan Bar 38g = 5

Total desert = 5

 Total points = 31

So that my 31 point day on weight watchers. As you can see I don't eat all the weight watchers foods as I have found eating my normal food in smaller (still filling) portions has worked just as well. I drink lots of water through out the day as well and on the weekends will drink my way through 2 bottle's of diet coke or diet Fanta as my treat, as its free on points and I love Fizzy drinks!

I hope this helps anyone doing weight watchers or anyone thinking of starting weight watchers as you can hopefully see you can still enjoy your food and eat what you want in a more controlled manor. Also let me know how your getting on with your weight loss journey as I'd love to hear how your doing!

Thanks for reading!


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