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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I recently discovered this company called QVS which sell cosmetic & nail accessories and also bath & body grooming products. I have seen and used a few of their products before as they sell them in ASDA and I was drawn to their products as their packaging looked so professional and clean and as the products id used where for grooming such as nails and eyebrows, the clean fresh appeal of the products was just what I was after. 

As you can see from the picture above they sell lots of cosmetic face brushes and sponges and this is just a few of the products. Their website has lots and lots of lovely looking brushes and cosmetic tools which I cant wait to try out!

I haven't tried a egg face sponge yet such as the beauty blender and when I spotted one on QVS's website, it was top on my wishlist. 

They also have lots of nail files and clippers which as boring as some people may see nail files and clippers, I'm always on the hunt for a great new nail file and cuticle clippers as I'm always giving myself a home manicure. My nails are also so thick that most nail files aren't long lasting enough to be used on my nails as after one hand they have fallen apart and QVS have so many nail files to try so I'm definitely going to find a good strong file within their range. 

| UBU Everyday essentials Brush Set |

I have also spotted in my local ASDA these UBU brushes which are also by QVS. 
I love the packaging of these brushes and I love the bristle colours, they really caught my eye in ASDA and they really stand out on the brush stand. I cannot wait to get back into my ASDA and purchase these brushed to give them a try and see if the bristles are nice and soft and what I expect these brushes to be like.

| UBU Smokey Eye Brush Set |

They also have a UBU by QVS Smokey eye set which looks right up my street. As I don't wear very much eye shadow these brushes look fantastic for the smokey eye make up that I do wear when I'm going for a heavier make-up look and they also look great for using them for under eye concealer and powder!

 QVS's website is really good and has so many great products to brows through! I love how clear and fresh their website is which is reflected in their products and their packaging. You can visit the website by clicking here. 

You can purchase QVS products in the UK from ASDA, BHS , SuperDrug and Morrison's , but from my researching I see that ASDA have the best range of QVS products in store and online.

Thanks for reading and I hope you like this post!


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