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Saturday, August 03, 2013

I was recently sent this Nicki Minaj Pink Friday 30ml perfume to review from Fragrance Direct. I have to say I'm very fussy when it comes to perfume and I have two favorite perfumes which I have repurchased over and over as I love them and they are YSL Elle and Givenchy Ange ou Demon le Secret. Both perfumes have heart notes of Jasmine but YSL is more of a Floral scent apposed to Givenchy which is more of a fruity scent. So when  I received this Nicki Minaj perfume I was worried that it wouldn't be for me as I'm very fussy but its very similar to both perfumes and has a hint of both my fav's in one bottle which I love! 

Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Perfume is more of a day perfume for me and is very summery! Its great for a hot summers day and is a really nice scent. Its a very floral scent with heart notes of lotus flower and jasmine petals. Its top notes include starfruit, Italian mandarin and boysenberry and has base notes of Vanilla, Caramelized pear, Musks and woods. 

I really like this perfume and I have worn it a couple of times out shopping in the day and it doesn't annoy me after a while which some perfumes have done before. They start to make me feel a little sick and I cant stand them after a few hours but this perfume is not like that at all and is a pleasure to wear. I have done some research and I have heard that its similar to Katy Perry's Purr Perfume as that is also a very floral scent with vanilla and jasmine heart and base notes. 
I love the packaging and think its very 'Nicki Minaj' and all Nicki's 'Barbz' would love the packaging and the bottle. I'm a little bit of a 'Barb' myself so I absolutely love it and as I hadn't smelt the perfume the bottle and being a fan of Nicki myself were the maim reason why this perfume was on my list of things I would like to review. 

Nicki's statememt about the perfume -
“Pink Friday is a celebration of my life at this moment; it is a reflection of me as a creator, and an expression of me as a woman. I know my Barbz will connect with and appreciate each aspect – from the name, to the outrageous bottle design, to the vibrant colors that create their own song. Pink Friday shows off my personality and style; it’s exciting to express my voice through another dimension,” says Nicki Minaj.

The bottle is also very similar to the Jean Paul Gaultier perfume bottles but its also obvious who's perfume this is. The back of the perfume packaging also features a beautiful picture of Nicki and she really does looks lovely. 

So as you can tell I love this perfume and everything about it from the packaging, the bottle and the scent it really is up there with my favorite perfumes. 

I hope you like this review! Let me know if you have smelt this perfume and what you thought of it! Also let me what your favorite perfumes are as I'd love to try out some more.

Thanks for reading!


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