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Thursday, August 22, 2013

I recently treated myself to some new nail polishes as I was a bit bored of collection and needed some bright neon colours in my collection.So I had seen online that boots had a buy 1 get 2nd half price on selected Barry M nail polishes so I went into my local boots and stared at the Barry M Nail polish section for about half hour....

 I haven't bought a Barry M nail paint in around a year and there was so many pretty colours to choose from. But in the end I chose to buy a Gelly Hi Shine Polish in the shade Key Lime for £3.99 and both of the Barry M limited edition summer polish in Pink and Yellow for £2.99 but one was half price. There was offer for the limited edition polishes free if you spent over £6 on Barry M but it had expired.

I also noticed in my local PoundLand a whole rack on Sinful Colours Nail polish and after rummaging through all the polishes , I found a few lovely shades which i'd been after from sinful for a whole. Sinful Colours Nail polish is available from boots in the UK for £1.99 but I managed to get these Polished for a £1.

I really like this yellow shade and I'm really pleased I managed to pick one up as Its so nice on the nails. It is very opaque and it isn't like some yellow nail polishes which take 5 coats before its opaque, this polish only took 2 coats which is great! I also love the Aztec limited edition packaging! 

I haven't tried any Gel type polishes before so I was interested to try this Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine polish and I'm pleased to say that I really like it! I have only worn it for around 4 days before it started to chip but I am very hard on my nails and normal polishes last 1 day so its better than normal for me. Its also very shiny which makes it appear wet which I like. I also didn't use a top coat with this polish so when I do I will post a full review of the polish and how long it lasted on me. 

This polish is slightly disappointing as on the picture on the Barry M stand and online, its very bright and neon. But once its on my nails its more like Rimmel London's Nail polish in grapefruit which was last years summer freebie from Rimmel. Its not neon at all , its an OK dark pink, very red toned which isn't my kind of shade at all as I steer away from red nail polished myself. In the bottle it looks so bright but on the nail its just your average red toned pink.

This polish probably doesn't look very exciting but I haven't got a dark purple polish in my collection and really needed one a few weeks ago for a nail art look i was doing , so picked myself up this shade and its amazing on the nail. Its more of a autumn/winter shade for me and I will live in it in winter as its a nice flat (no metallic) dark purple which looks lush!
Sinful Colours Nail Polish | Pinky Glitter

This glitter Craig picked up for me as he thought i'd like it and I do! Its beautiful and very glittery! I haven't used it on its own yet, I have only used it over the pinks I also purchased and it looks so nice! I have taken an upclose picture of the glitter below but it doesn't do it justice at all, this polish is amazing!

Sinful Colours Nail Polish | Pinky Glitter

When i spotted this polish I just had to buy it, its a close dupe for Nina Pro Nail polish in Punky Purple which i love and its also Matt finish like Nina Pro. I had to use a few coats to stop it from being patchy but its beautiful and a nice bright neon purple shade. 

This polish is my Favorited polish and not just out of this haul but out of my whole nail polish collection. Its a Neon Bubble Gum Pink and I love it! I honestly could rave about this nail polish for ages but If you can get your hands on it, do! and you will understand the love I have for this shade! Its also Matt finish and it did chip on me after a day but I didn't use a top coat so understandable as its Matt, they tend to chip faster on me.  

I hope you enjoyed my nail polish haul and I will be posting individual swatch pictures once I Have painted my nails with each shade. 

Thanks for reading!
Whats your favorite Barry M or Sinful Colours Nail polish? Let me know!


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