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Monday, July 15, 2013


I thought it would be interesting and helpful to anyone doing weight watchers or thinking about starting weight watchers , to see what I eat/ate on a typical day doing weight watchers. 

So I'll start off by explaining that I'm allowed 26 weight watchers pro points a day and then I have 49 extra pro points to use for treats , emergency meals out or alcohol. But as I'm teetotal I don't use any of my extra 49 for drink , I generally use mine as and when through out the week for treats. As I'm getting closer to my ultimate weight loss goal I will be cutting out more and more of my 49's and just sticking to my 26 a day. 

Breakfast -
Cup of tea, with 1 sugar = 1
Aldi Benefit cereal = 3
Milk 142ml = 1
(I use the 142ml for my cereal and my tea so its only 1 point)
Banana on my cereal = 0
Weight watchers peanut butter chocolate bar =2

Total breakfast = 7 points 

Lunch -
Glass of diet coke -  0
Chicken breast strips  40g = 1 D
Salad - tomatoes - cucumber -iceburg lettuce = 0

Total lunch = 1 point

Snack -
Maoam Mao mix - 20g = 2 points

Dinner - 
Aldi's lasagne - 300g = 11
New potatoes - 100g = 2
Frozen mixed veg = 0

Total dinner = 13

After dinner snack/ desert -

Weight watchers rich toffee chocolate bar = 2
Maoam Mao mix - 10g = 1

Total desert = 3

Total points = 26

So there you have it! My typical 26 point day on weight watchers.
Like I said I do normally go over my 26 for treats so I will post a day where I didn't stick to 26 next so you can see where I have more points. 

My pizza or pasta dinner nights aren't very good for my 26 point days so I will post that next!

I also have a full list of everything I have worked out points for so if anyone would like to see that, then let me know and I will post that :-) 

Hope this helps! 

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Omg. I lost 80 pounds on Weight Watchers. AMAZING program! Your breakfast looked so yummy :)

    1. Wow that's amazing 80 pounds! If you don't mind me asking, over how long did you loose the weight! X I've lost 23lb in 13 weeks , still going towards my goal :-) I should have lost 2.5 stone once I'm at my ultimate goal x let me know if you would like more of these style posts x x x

  2. That salad looks so good! I'm not doing WW, but I have been tracking my calories. It really does help noting what all you put in your body! I've dropped a total of 26 lbs and 14 since I started counting calories a little over a month ago!

    PS: thanks for your sweet comment, I'm about to follow your blog!

    1. Hiya Savannah! That's awesome! Yeah as long as you are watching what you eat it really does help! I didn't realise how much over eating I was doing before lol but knowing now what fills me up on weight watchers, I've shocked myself with what I used to eat x

      thank you for following back, I've been a fan of your blog for a few years now :-). X x x

  3. Sophie thank you so much for visiting La Dolce Moda!
    I just followed back!
    And great job with your points-day :)

    La Dolce Moda

  4. Hi Francesca! Thank you so much for following back! Thank you :) Ive still got a bit of weight to lose but im getting towards my goal slowly :) x x x


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