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Monday, May 20, 2013


As you can imagine I was over the moon to see my Fragrance direct parcel arrive so soon this morning! In my last post I said that Fragrance direct were going to be sending me some products to review and they arrived this morning. I did not expect them to send me all the products on my wishlist so I was hugely suprised/shocked/happy/grateful and excited to see all of these beautiful products arrive and I couldn't wait to get them all out of the box and start swatching!

First on my list was the Maybelline Fit Me foundation. I have been on the hunt for a new foundation for a while and I've heard good reviews of this foundation so far within the beauty community so decided that would be the foundation I wanted to try. I chose the shade 110 porcelain which is the lightest shade in the range and 125 Nude Beige which is around 3 shades darker. 125 is definitely too dark for me at the moment but as the summer emerges and my face gets a bit more colour from the sun I will probs mix a little of both to get the correct shade for me. 

The packaging and quality of these were perfect and arrived safe with lots of bubble cushions around them.

w7 Honolulu Bronzer (with flash)

When i spotted that fragrance Direct stocked this w7 bronzer in the shade Honolulu I had to put it on my wishlist as I have heard that it is an amazing dupe for benefits Hoola bronzer. 

As you can see in my picture and the picture above of Benefit's Hoola Bronzer it looks exactly the same. I haven't got Hoola so I cant swatch it to show you a comparison but here is a great review and swatch from a blogger called Katie - 

I think the Honolulu is going to be my new summer favourite for all over my face and contour as its a beautiful matt deep brown shade and has no shimmer in it at all which i love as I hate having a sparkly or shimmery contour that just doesnt look v.natural.

Rimmel Kate Moss #01 - w7 Go West! Matt Fluorescent Pink - Technic Fuchsia Rose

As you know I love my lipsticks and my collection is getting a good variety of pinks, corals and reds now so I'm very happy to be adding these three lipsticks to my collection. 

I chose the Rimmel Kate moss lipstick in the shade #01 as I don't have too many reds and this is
 the first Kate Moss lipstick Rimmel launched with and its Her statement red lip which is beautiful and It will be great for the winter. 

Next I chose the w7 Go West! Matt Lipstick in the shade Fluorescent Pink. This lipstick is amazing, It was one of the first things i tried today and I LOVE it! Its a bright fluorescent pink lol as the name states and it will be mentioned a lot throughout this summer as its lush! Beautiful texture on the lips and lasted a few hours on my lips also.

The Last lipstick I received was the Technic Lipstick with added Vitamin E in the shade Fuchsia Rose. This lipstick is a beautiful colour and has a great satin finish when i swatched it on my hand but the colour pigmentation is not as vivid as the w7 lipstick as i had to swatch it a few times for good colour pay off.

Revlon super lustrous lip gloss Pink Afterglow & coral reef 

I don't normally wear lip gloss too much but as the summer is on its way and I've also heard a lot of people rave about these Revlon lip glosses I asked to try these two shades out. The pink after glow lip gloss is a very pigmented shimmery lip gloss with a hint of pink colour to it. The coral reef is beautiful, its not shimmery at all more of a block colour but a very pigmented coral shade which you wouldn't need a lot of on the lips.

Lipstick swatches From top ( with flash) - Rimmel Kate moss #01 - w7 fluorescent pink - technic fuchsia rose.

Lipgloss from left to right - Revlon coral reef - Revlon pink afterglow

Swatches without flash above

As I have mentioned I my last post, I have been after a few of the Holland collection OPI nail polishes. Fragrance direct have around 30 different shades of OPI nail polish at the moment but they are always getting more shades in so if the polish your after isn't there at first , check back as that's what I did and as chuffed to find most of the Holland collection available.

OPI Holland collection - left to right
'I have a herring problem' - 'Did you 'ear about Van Gogh? '- ' A roll in the hague'

As above (no flash)

I am so pleased I chose these shades. I have a herring problem I have wanted for ages and is a beautiful grey/dark teal shade with gold and silver shimmers in it. Its an unusual colour which I love!

Did you ear about Van Gogh? is a dusty beige neutral shade which as boring a colour it may look, I literally get the most compliments on my nail polish when wearing a shade like this...Beautiful! 

A roll in the Hague is a bright orange which I haven't tried yet but when I opened the polish it looked neon orange on the brush! Will look so nice this summer with an accent nail of Van Gogh!

And lastly ... I chose these two unusual nail polish. The green polish is by Invogue and its a pro formula in the shade emerald dust. I have been after a bright green and this shade caught my eye due to it being neon and metallic AND it being a matt suede effect finish I was so intrigued. The last polish is by sleek and its in the shade cotton candy. I was expecting this polish to be more of a block pastel not a frosty metallic so I'm not too sure on the metallic in this polish but I will let you know what its like on the nail once I've tried it out. It is my first sleek nailed polish also so I'm excited to test out the formula.

So after that huge haul and review of every product I'm so pleased to tell you that my experience with fragrance direct has been very positive and I will defo be bookmarking their website as a favourite of mine for beauty products and fragrance. I have been so happy with the service I received and I can't fault the quality of the products! The shipping was super fast and everything was packaged carefully to ensure nothing arrived broken. 

I highly recommend checking out fragrance direct if your after high end and low end make up, skin care and fragrance for yourself or as present. You can save yourself a lot of money and still receive high quality products from a website you can trust! 

I will be placing many orders with them over the next few months and can't wait to see what new products they add to their site! 

I hope you enjoyed this haul/ review, let me know what you have picked up from fragrance direct if you have ordered from them before!

Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer - I was sent these products to review by fragrance direct but have given an honest review of all products I received and the service I received. All opinions are my own and is my  100% honest opinion of fragrance direct and all brands mentioned in this post. 

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