Revlon Nail Polsih Giveaway - I WON!!

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Today I had the pleasure of receiving this beautiful package in the post!
I had entered a giveaway on YouTube that TheNailChanger aka Pauline was holding and I won! 
I was so chuffed when Pauline announced that i had won this giveaway as i did'nt have any Revlon Nail polished in my entire collection. And now not only do I have Revlon Nail polish in my collection...I have 6 of the most beautiful shades! 
These shades are perfect for the spring and summer and I live in a grey/dark nail polish in winter so literally every season!

I cannot wait to paint my nails with these shades and Its all thanks to the lovely Pauline!
Please check out her channel The Nail Changer on YouTube and be sure to subscribe . She has only just started making Youtube videos but is uploading regularly now and I'm sure she has some great Nail Tutorials lined up for us. 

Her first Nail tutorial is linked here.

So let me show you the shades :)

044 Blue Lagoon

I love this shade its a beautiful light blue pastel shade but it has tiny pink and blue glittery flecks through out this polish and it is just going to look lush on the nails. I imagine when it catches the sun as well it will be a WOW polish! 

Here is a close up of the flecks

 031 Lilac Pastelle

This picture doesn't do it justice at all but this shade is a pretty lilac / soft pink shade. Its a perfect Easter/ Spring shade and i love it!

 042 Sunshine Sparkle

This one is probably my favourite as its going to be my go to summer polish I can tell! Its a lush pastel lemon shade with a beautiful sparkle to it. 
Below is a close up of the flecks in this polish.

050 White On White

This is an opaque white polish which will be perfect for all over block white nails or french tips! 
I love painting my nails white all over and then painted them with a glittery top coat, looks so pretty.

 091 Smoky Canvas

This shade is the perfect neutral polish! I love neutral polished as they are so easy to pull off. As the name says its a Smoky shade and I love it! 

907 Steel- Her Heart

This last polish is such a lovely 'Steel' gun metal silvery shade and I literally live in grey's and dark shades in the winter so I think this will be a new fav of mine already! Its a metallic so would look lush pared with Smoky Canvas in a half moon effect like in Pauline's Tutorial! 

Pink/Purple Fine Nail Art Glitter & Green Nail Art Glitter

I was so surprised to see that Pauline had added these two nail glitter pots in with the prizes as I had already won so much! I cant wait to give these a try with my new polishes. 

I just want to say a huge THANK YOU! to Pauline and I am so happy to have won this fantastic Giveaway! I was so please that I won and when it arrived today in the post, to see how she had packaged the prizes was so lovely. She has put a lot of time and effort in to sending me these polishes and I'm so shocked! I also had a pretty little card with everything and a lovely message inside :)

Pauline really is a lovely person and she has been so supportive of my YouTube channel so I just want to say a huge thanks you to her and Please make sure you check out her channel and Subscribe! 

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Chuckle, chuckle ;-) I love how you stacked the bottles into a pyramid, lol, so funny.

    1. Haha thanks x I couldn't help myself lol looked so pretty x x x


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