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Sunday, April 14, 2013


Hope your all having a lovely weekend! 
A few weeks ago I mentioned in a video that Beauties Factory UK had sent me a few products to try out and review .I talked about them a little bit in my video but this post will be a full review now that I've had a few week using them.

This post will be long as I have a lot to tell you about these products.

So here are the beautiful products I received. On the left is the Beauties Factory 26 colours blush and contour pallet and on the right is the Beauties Factory 10 colours cream camouflage and concealer pallet . I also received two brushes, an angled eye shadow brush and a round eye shadow brush, both brushes could also be used for under eye concealer as they are the perfect size. 

The packaging is beautiful and much nicer than my old beauties factory eye shadow pallet, which was shiny black plastic. This packaging is matt black and much more professional looking. The pallets are really light weight so would be great if you were travelling.

Above is the blush pallet with no flash.
As you can see there are a lot of beautiful colours and different shades which are great for different times of the year. The bright and pastel pinks caught my eye straight away and I can't wait to wear these shades this summer.

Above is the blush pallet with flash on and here you can see the shimmery shares clearer. The pallet includes 2 shimmer, 5 light pearlized and 14 matt shades. All the blushes are really pigmented so you don't need much on your brush at all. 

The bottom row of this pallet has 5 skin shades which can be used to highlight, concealer and contour the face with . These are powder also and I found the lightest shade great for brow bone highlight as its matt and I prefer a non shimmery highlight under my brow. The other three concealer shades are great to use along side the concealer pallet or any liquid concealer as I use these powders to set my concealer under my eyes and it worked perfectly.

The last shade in this pallet is a dark contour shade. I really like this shade as its the perfect contour colour. Its not orangey at all    which for me is great as I don't want the hollows of my cheek contour to be shimmery and bronze, I prefer it to look like a shadow and then bronze the top of my cheek bone afterwards, where the sun would naturally hit my face.

Above is the 10 colours camouflage & concealer pallet with flash on.

Below is the pallet with no flash on my camera.
This contour and concealer pallet is lovely. The different shades are great for most skin tones and as they are all cream texture you can mix them together to get your perfect share to match your skin tone. 

I'm very fair and on first use thought I would be the second lightest shade from top left, but as I soon realised that was way to light for me so I tried a few other shades under my eyes and it turned out I was using the first bottom left shade. 

My skin tone is so light that when I buy any foundation from many different brands , I'm usually the lightest shade they do, so if your even lighter than me and can't find a light enough concealer then this pallet would be perfect for you! 

These concealers I find don't crease much at all. My current Rimmel wake me up concealer, which I was very pleased about as the wake me up concealer I find creases, cracks and makes my under eyes look so old! This beauties factory pallet would be great for a professional make-up artist who is working with a lot of different skin types or anyone who likes a cream texture concealer. 

This cream pallet will also be great for anyone wanting to get the 'Kardashian' highlight and contour, as Kim's make-up artists use cream on her to get that perfect flawless contour to the face.

I hope you liked this review and I will do a separate post of swatches of these pallets. 
Sorry that this post is sooooo long but I wanted to give you a full honest review of these products.

If you would like to purchase or have a browse through all of beauties factory UK's other products, check out their site.

Thanks for reading!



Disclaimer - I am not being sponsored or payed by any company to mention products in my videos or blog posts and all products mentioned have been bought with my own money. Any posts/products marked with an * are products I have been sent to review and I have given my honest opinion of any products mentioned. I am also not being payed or sponsored to mention any company's promo codes or offers, I just get a lot of cosmetic offers in my emails and like to share the great deals i find with you all. 

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