Nails Inc Feathers Effect Nail Polish New Shade - Brighton

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Green , Blue & Yellow feather effect polish


I just had to share with you what was in my inbox this morning. This beautiful shade is new from Nails Inc. Feathers nail polish range.  Its called Brighton and it just looks fantastic. This shade would be great for spring and summer. 

If you haven't heard of the feathers range yet here is a little info on them for you. 

This ground breaking polish formulation  features tiny feather like particles that ate blended in with a range of pastel shades.

Here are the other feathers shades from Nails Inc.

Blue & peach feather effect polish
Pale blue,Yellow & Peach feather effect polish

Peach & White feather effect polish

Blue & White feather effect polish 

I don't actually own any of these shades yet but I will definitely be getting a few of these soon and they are beautiful and very unique shades. 

At the moment nails inc are giving away a free gift when you spend £25 on two or more products. So as these polishes are £11 you could easily spend £25 online to get your free gift.

Free gift below 
Let me know what you think of these new nails inc shades.

Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer- I am not in any way being paid/asked to use or mention these hair products in my blog/YouTube videos.

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