How I Dye My Hair Red!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

As Promised Here is my video on How I Dye My Hair Red.
 I used Loreal Majicontrast Red mixed with 30vol 9% creme peroxide on my roots to lift my dark brown re-growth to red like my lengths. Then coloured my roots and my lengths with Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL Ultra Brights Hair Dye Pillar Box Red 92. This schwarzkopf hair dye is only a semi perm but on me it doesnt fade or run much at all and I only wash my hair with cold water. This combination of hair dyes makes sure that all of my hair is one bright colour red, not pat hey and also colouring it all over with the Schwarzkopf colour helps renourish my whole hair and leaves my hair shiny and really smooth.
I hope you like it and let me know if you do try this process as i would love to see your pictures.
Thanks for watching!
Also this is not a tutorial, this is simply a video on how I dye my hair red and this method may not work on everyone and everyone's hair is different. Please always ask a professional or sales assistant at Sally's when deciding what colour and strength of peroxide to use on your hair. My hair is dyed by my mum who is a professional hair dresser.  My hair is also very thick and undamaged. I do not recommend using majicontrast on pre bleached hair as it will damaged your hair, it is recommended for use on dark medium hair not blonde or bleached hair. 
Disclaimer- I am not in any way being paid/asked to use or mention these hair products in my blog/YouTube videos.

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