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Friday, March 08, 2013


So today I went into my local Game shop armed with my PS vita and a few other gaming bits and traded them in for a lovely new Google Nexus 7!

Chuffed is such an understatement! 
I absolutely loved my PS vita that I had for my birthday but since I'm using the internet loads more at the moment for YouTube,blogging and for work, AND since my laptop has gone to PC heaven :( actually that sentence needs a cry face :,( I needed a device that could do all the things and apps I need at the moment, so I  bought the amazing Google nexus 7.

So far I love it soooooo much, its amazing. I finally can get on the app bandwagon and I'm also able to blog off my nexus which I wasn't able to do on my vita. Don't get me wrong my vita was amazing for gaming and the graphics where unreal for a handheld device,but I needed a device faster on the internet now that I haven't got a PC.

I also now have Instagram so follow me on there also if you like! 

Only thing I really need to do now is crochet myself a case, I made Craig a case for his,like a little sleeve case and he loved that so will be making myself one now :)

Thank for reading,I'm sure I will let you know how I get on with my new nexus 7 tablet.


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