Leighton Denny Riviera Collection Spring/Summer 2013 Limited Edition

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Here is a Sneaky Peek into the new Leighton Denny Spring/ Summer 2013 Limited Edition Reviera Collection. 
This collection Launches this coming Friday 1st March!

I love the Leighton Denny Nail polishes and The Leighton Denny Crystal Nail file is my all time fav as my nails are so thick and long that no other file works for me without being worn down after three nails.

I contacted Leighton Denny and Rebecca Wilson who handles PR at Leighton Denny kindly send me this Press release of the new collection.

This new collection looks amazing! All of the colours are so on trend for 2013 Spring/Summer and are colours that i would definitely be painting my nails with this season. 

My personal favorites are 'I’M SO SOIRÉE' and 'YES WE CANNES'. I haven't seen a shade like 'YES WE CANNES' before and think it looks and sounds beautiful. Leighton Dennys Nail  polishes  which have shimmer in are always very pigmented and lovely! 


I'm sure once I've painted my nails with 'I’M SO SOIRÉE' I probably wont be using any other shade as this is my kind of colour. Its not too dark and harsh as a black would be on the nails but a lush Dark Aqua Blue which i imagine would just look great!


The 'GET YOUR CÔTE' shade is a must have this season as this Azure Blue colour is EVERYWHERE at the moment. There are so many shops selling lovely jumpers and scarfs that are exactly this colour and this nail polish on your nails would look amazing. 


You can buy these Leighton Denny High Performance Nail Colour for 
£11.00 for 12ml
M&S, John Lewis and Fenwick’s stores

This Friday March 1st!

Thanks for reading and i hope you enjoyed a sneak peek into this gorgeous new collection,


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