5 Days to go !

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Woo its my Birthday in 5 days and im super excited!
As Im getting my first kitten! We have jodie as you know is our 7yr old house cat but this kitten will be the first kitten that i have chosen as Jodie was 2 when i met Craig,
YAY Cant wait! I love cats so much and do be getting my dream Kitten in 5days is just so good!
Thanks to my amazing boyfriend Craig for finding him he is a 5 generation pedigree Scottish Fold kitten and he looks like puss in boots from shrek :) x Cant wait to meet him on Monday and bring him home to meet his new sister jodie x

Ill Obv be doing loads of posts on my lil boy so you can see how he is growing and ill do a bday haul on my bday presents :) x

Thanks for reading!
Hope your all ok!

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