Where Have I Been???

Thursday, June 23, 2011


I Have been such a bad blogger recently :( I have been so busy finishing my uni work as it was my final major project and i have literally had no free time this past month!

I have decided not to start the BA fashion course next year as i am going to take a year out and venture into the big world with my own little project and hopefully it wont just be a year out it will be a productive and successful year meaning i don't have to return to uni at all :) That's what i'm planning on doing anyway ^_^ x

Here is a little post anyway just to let you know what i have been doing and planning on doing and also a FOTD as i have changed my foundation from Revlon colour stay which i love! and regretfully couldn't afford to re purchase as i was a little low on money last month due to my uni fashion materials so I have had to change to a foundation that was a little cheaper. I am now using the Rimmel 25 hour lasting finish foundation which i think is OK for the time being as its a little too slidey on my combination to oily skin but it is nice coverage. I dont think it lasts 5 hours let alone 25 hours on my skin but i do like how it looks on my skin for about 3 hours and it smells really fresh!
The headband , Earrings and Necklace are all presents from my lovely best friend Katie for doing well in my uni fashion show ^_^ she is such a good friend! And i love the necklace especially as its got an Eiffel Tower on it which is Craig and my favorite place!

Let me know what you think of the Rimmel 25 hr foundation?
Hope your all well and looking forwards to summer :)

Thanks for reading,

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