Up We Go.... 5200Ft!

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Thursday Craig and I were treated to a Virgin Hot Air Balloon Flight which was absolutely amazing! I hate fair ground rides, flying in planes and wasn't sure if i was going to like heights or not but i LOVED it!

It was the most amazing experience and to be sharing it with the most amazing boyfriend in the world was just great!

The pilot briefed us before take off and said that we should get to between 2000-4000ft and we got to 5200ft which is a mile straight up! It was such a lush evening as well as we flew about half 6 till half 7 and it was sooo sunny!
Could'nt have wished for better weather.

It was a bit nerve-racking at first as we both weren't sure what to expect from it and We all got allocated jobs to help the launch of the balloon.
Craig got the job of making sure the cold inflation was done correctly by stearing a huge fan and i got the job of a ballast with the other women lol haha weighting down the basket as it was on its side ready to lift up and everyone else jumps in. I was very scared as i was lying on the floor in the basket with my back to the balloon's hot and cold inflation process and the noise was loud and close to my head lol.

It was sooo much fun though!
Once we'd got up in the air the views were amazing and Ive got loads of awesome photos to share with you!

The landing was so much fun as well as it landed on a hill in a random field and banged down 3 times and dragged along the floor before coming to a stand still which was fun :)
Ill also post pictures of the skid marks in the grass from our landing x

I defo recommend going on a hot air balloon ride if you get the chance as its brilliant and such a life experience! So glad we've done it now , and I can safely say I'm not at all scared of heights hehe x

Thanks for reading!

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