Zumba Fitness DVD

Friday, March 25, 2011

I started the Zumba fitness Dvd's yesterday and they are so much fun!
Ive only done the basics and a 20 workout but overall that was 60 mins which flew by as i was having so much fun!

Ive flicked through the Sculpt and Tone and the Cardio Party and it looks lots of fun and like it will help me on my weight loss mission!

I need to get down to my ideal weight for my height which is about 9stone so i have about 2stone 2 loose and i'm going to be healthy eating and doing lots of Zumba. If i loose 2lb a week it will take me 14 weeks which makes it June time and i will be able to comfortably wear nice summer clothes :) x

ill keep you informed on my weight loss and let you know how the Zumba works for me.

Thanks for reading,

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  1. have you been to any zumba classes? they are so much fun x

  2. @ Hannah Elouise - hey, No i havent been to any classes just started the dvd, im not brave enought to do it in a class of people yet hehe but it is fun and it makes me laugh not cry which is good as its a work out after all haha x
    Sophie-Lou x


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