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Monday, November 01, 2010

hello girlie's , I'm sooo sorry I've been such a terrible blogger atm I've just started uni and I have been soo busy. This is my first weekend off in 3 weeks as I've had my first project and I've just finished and handed that in Friday so I'm free to blog untill tuesday when my 2nd project starts.

So Here is my first post since the Th and its on my sally Hansen French manicure set I had for my birthday. Its great , the formula is lovely and is very easy to apply, it looks a lil streaky but once its dried its lovely and no streaks so that's good :) Its the Nearly Nude kit and its very natural and in a good way makes mine and my best friend Katie's natural nails look like fake ones which is good :)
I highly recommend this French manicure kit and it stayed chip free for about 5 days without top coat and with the Sally Hansen diamond shine base and top coat applied stayed chip free and shiny for over a week.( and that's on busy mummy nails and uni art student nails, so great chip resistant!)

Hope you like this post, I've missed my Blog friends these last few weeks :(

Sophie-Lou x

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