Decembers Glamour Issue- Free Nails Inc. polish

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Helloo girlie's, Today craig and I went to do my weekly house shopping and as we were strolling throught the magazine isle I realised that Glamour magazine's decmeber issue had a free Nails Inc nail varnish in and it was only £2 for the mag with 4 colours to choose from :) YAY!
So after much deciding I chose the Jermyn street nail colour as I haven't got a mauve / browney shade yet in my collection and its very IN fashion this autumn/winter. So I rushed home put all the shopping away quickly and painted my nails with this lovely new nail varnish.

Well to start off the formula is perfect, went on seamlessly and two coats gave me great coverage. Its also mega shiny and looks as thought I've put my top coat on before I have. Its lovely and a nice nude brown shade but not too nude to blend in with your fingers but nude classy as a matt black nail varnish looks, perfect for the office. Its also perfect for an Autumn/ winter work week nail shade, if you know what I mean.
Basically I LOVE it! :)

Defo recommend getting this glamour mag as well as its a great read and has loads of lush hair,nails and make up looks for winter and Xmas time :) and lots of great winter party looks! I'll post pictures of the polish on tomorrow as the lights rubbish now for a true representation of the shade.

Hope you enjoyed this post, Have you tried any of the Nails Inc. nail polishes yet? what's your favourite shade? Let me know girlie's x

Thanks for reading ,

Sophie-Lou x

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  1. I got Jermyn Street for myself and Saville Row for my mumsie (which I will 'borrow' - haha)! x

  2. In reply to your comment...No problem! Ooh gemstones would look fab! How long do they tend to last for? x

  3. @ daisy, I actually decided on a few nail art daisy stickers which look super cute on the Jermyn street but the rhinestones last normally about a week when stuck on with nail glue and sealed with a good top coat :) x


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