My Birthday!!!

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Lol Excuse the morning picys haha no make up!
All my presents off craig , Love you craig! x
Me Logan and Emily with our lushh domino's pizza yum x
My Cake made by Lesley yummm!!

Lol blowing out my candles but i look like a smug cat haha!
Me ,My Gorgeous Bf Craig and baby Logan
Kisses for my Godson x
Cheeky boy ^_^
Me and My Best Friend Katie and her son Logan x
My Prezzie's x
Ooh La La indeed x
Love all my presents and LOVE my shoes!
Clothes clothes clothes and my crochet hat made my mee :) x

Hey it was my birthday on the 3rd of October and it was amazing. Firstly I want to thank my bf Craig for spoiling me again ^_^ and giving me a lovely birthday! And also My family and Friends for coming over to my house in the day and night and bringing me absolutely amazing prezzies which I love! Thanks you!!

Warning long lists below lol

I had the most amazing presents, I had loads of Craig it was like Xmas morning with lots of crochet stuff and wool for me to carry on enjoying my hobby oohhh and a really cool tape measure for my textiles stuff in the shape of a cat head and if you pull the ear the tape comes out, so funky! Storage Boxes for my button collection and a few new lush buttons. A Sophieadactil money box so cute lol. Lash Accelerator mascara which is truely amazing best ive tried yet! An owl ring which is super cute, button earings and a set of earings from George aswell which are really nice and go with all my new outfits. China glaze and Sally Hanson Nail Varnish and rhinestones and a matt black nail varnish from George @ ASDA :) :) :) Carrot Cake my fav, and a pair of lushhhhh Converse type shoes in my favourite colour teal/ turquoise! Love Love Love them all thanks Craig! ohhh and i forgot to mention i also had a JML Snuggie haha its so comfy and warm and ive wanted one for ages , Chuffed!
Lots of clothes off my mum which are pretty much casual outfits as i'm starting uni on Monday and needed new outfits :) 2 Pairs of Skinny jeans, dark denim and grey denim, a pair of boyfriend fit baggy jeans which are sooo comfy! 2 checked shirts, a red,navy and white shirt and a pink and grey hooded shirt, a Grey boyfriend long line cardigan, a corded floral grey dress/top , a black long-sleeve top for under my cardi or my dress/top , teal and purple PJ's And an adult Baby grow lol yes an adult baby grow ! We all have to get these this Xmas as they are super snuggley and warm and just look hilarious haha! oh and tea towels as i never have any in my kitchen :) x
Off my dad I had the Falsies mascara love it, its super good for volume and fullness but not as good for length as the lash accelerator I had off Craig :) Stationary for my new course that i start on Monday, and an Organiser. Ugg type boots which i'm yet to get as they were all out of stock but I will defo be posting about them as soon as i get them as they are lushh! And a Ryder Cup Bear which he bought at the Celtic manor when he was there last week for the Ryder Cup Tournament which is a massive deal as it was viewed by 700million people and it was held just up the road from my house :)
And ...
Off My brother and his gf Natasha i had The Cube Board game which is great and soo much fun as we found out on my Bday night when we played it with out best friends and I was the Winner and won £50.000 lol joke not real money unfortunately.

Off Lisa Craigs sister and Ken Craigs dad i had a lovely lady lip-erty lip balm which tastes divine, a star keyring in my fav colour again lol there was a little bit of a theme hehe ,a teal dressing gown , a teal nail varnish by Rimmel London, a Cupcake Money box, L'oreal colour appeal eye shadow in 106 which is a beautiful teal colour, and Beyonce's new perfume called Heat, which is soo nice, a real classy girlie perfume with a little spice about it. Lush!

Off my auntie Dona a cute cupcake jar which is filled with lovely cupcake mix yummmmyyy!
Off my friend Amy a doofle key ring which is super cute with my name on :)
Off Emily and Sam, a 200 piece Poker set! yay as last time she was home from uni we were playing poker with normal cards and pennies ha ha. I love this set complete with poker mat, its so tense now at our house on games night lol.

And Off my Best friend Katie and my gorgeous God son Logan, I had a pair of Paris oh la la slippers which are super cute and I love them as this time last year me and Craig were in Paris for my 18Th, good times ^_^. Rhinestones from Sally's which are amazing as well as there's lots of different shapes , sizes and colours ready to be used on some great nail art :) and Last but Definatly not least a framed photograph of Craig and I holding Logan on the swings on his first visit to the park! such a lovely supprise and i loved all my presents so much ,
Thanks so much everyone! Love you all !

So There you have it, lots and lots of lovelies :) x Ill do a Separate Make up and Nails haul with swatches for you all to see soon x Oh and excuse my no make up morning picys , Craig and I were so excited we were up opening my presents at 6.25 in the morning haha x

Thanks For reading and sorry this post is sooo huge , I couldn't have possible shortened it haha x
Sophie-Lou x

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  1. Happy B'day! You had a lot of presents!

  2. Looks like fun! I hope you have a great birthday!

    Just out of curiosity, where are the slippers from?


  3. @Becky -thanks becky for your bday wishes x

    @Savannah- love your name btw ^_^ i commented back on your blog , but here it is aswell just in case ...hey, thanks so much for becoming a follower I've followed back x love your Cardi and my slippers are from NEXT catalogue , my friend Katie bought them for me for my birthday on-line I think, here's the link for you and mine are a size large which fits me perfect and im a 6 with enough room if your a 7-8 but if your a 5-6 then maybe get the mediums x :) x;Shop%20By%20Product%26quot;%26nbsp;%26gt;%26nbsp;Women%26nbsp;%26gt;%26nbsp;Slippers

    Sophie-Lou x


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