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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hey girlie's , I received this award the other day thanks to Ellie over at her great blog Cupcakes Coffee and Kisses. She wrote a lovely little sentence about me and my blog and I appreciate it very much so thanks so much Ellie for your kind words and this award!

The rules of this award are -
Post the award on your blog with the picture below and then who you would like to award it to below linking to each of the blogs you have awarded!
I give this award to -

I have chosen these lovelies to be awarded this award from myself as they are great followers of mine and leave me regular lovely comments which make my day :) x They deserve this award for being such good followers and i love all their blogs as they all have something interesting to say and post great pictures!
So check them out please and be sure to follow them, i'm sure they will follow back!

Thanks for reading ,

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  1. Thanks Sophie-lou! You have just made my day =D This is really great encouragement for me to continue posting!!

  2. Thanks for passing this award on hun :)

  3. Thank you so much, this is so sweet!
    You have made MY day!!!!!
    Love Mil xx

  4. Oh yay thankyou! :) Have you seen your Lovely Follower award doing the rounds too :) x

  5. thanks for your appreciation girls , you all deserved this award in your own little ways :) x
    and @ Daisy - no i havent seen it going round but im glad you have passed it on to your lovely followers and i'll keep an eye out for it :) x
    Sophie-lou x

  6. You're so sweet thank you so much! <3


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