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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Hey! Today im going to be doing a review of the Girls Aloud False Eyelashes by Sarah Harding. My best friend gave me these lashes to try out for my tutorials and i love them. They are really long, full and fab for glam eyes tutorials or going out eye make up looks. They arent at all everyday eyelashes as they are too full for my everyday looks but they are really easy to use and look great! These eye lashes are great if you are looking to wear falsies on a night out or to an event with a dark smokey eye or a shimmery sultry look.
These lashes are around £5 from boots!
Here are a few photos of me having a play around with them and recreating the Sarah Harding look on myself .Ive photoshop edited a few of them to brighten my hair but havent at all edited the eyes so you can see exactly how they looked on me ! :) x
Hope you like the look! Let me know if you have tryed these lashes or any of the Girls Aloud lashes and how you got on with them ?

Thanks for reading,

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  1. I need to see what your hirt looks like.... I see a bow! I <3 bows! Cute lashes though, how much??? xoxo camille @

  2. hey camille :) x the lashes are around £5 from boots if you live in the uk but they are sold other places aswell and on the net :) x and my T-shirt is shown clearly here on these posts ... and x
    Thanks for commenting x

  3. I like your lashes! Show more of your false lashes =D

  4. i love the kimberly ones

    daisy xxx

  5. Love them! I'm horrible at putting on fake lashes. If I wasn't I'd put them on more. Thank you so much for visiting my blog :) Hope you come back, I'm your newest follower x

  6. hey girls-
    @ Ashura ,i'll defo do more fake lashes posts :) x
    @ daisyleigh , thanks for letting me know your fav ill be sure to check those out when im in boots next :) x
    @Mariam Hakim, thanks for following :) x practice makes perfect so dont stop trying , im sure you'll get the hang of it! x
    Sophie-lou x

  7. Hi!! I loved reading this post!
    I've just started my blog, would be great if you could check it out!
    Your blog is great!!

    Milly xoxo


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