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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

helllooo ,
This is just a quick post to ask my lovely followers what they want to see more of on my blog, Ive got lots of time to be blogging so what would you like to see more of on my blog?
-Make up tutorials?
-Make up reviews?
-Hair tutorials?
-Nail tutorials?
-Celeb inspired hair, nails and make up looks lol ?
-HOTD-Hair of the day?
Anything that i can possible blog about i will so let me know and ill get cracking with any requests :)
Thanks for reading girlie's and to my recent followers thankkyouu!!!
Sophie-Lou x

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  1. Nail Tutorials =) I would love to see more of those ^_^

  2. hey lovely! ooo celeb inspired looks sounds great, nails, makeup! hope you're well :] huggles xXx

  3. I like to see reviews and hauls. & inspired looks are great too

  4. Thanks so much for the comments girls x
    @ Ashura - my lovely bf baught me a tripod last week so theres defo lots of nail tutorials coming v.soon!
    @Carmen, hey :) yeh im gd thank you ,hows you? Defo do some celeb inspired, any requests ?
    @Becky- Its my bday soon so i will defo be doing a clothes haul when ive been bday shopping and hopefully make up haul as ive asked for lots of lovelies as prezzies :) x
    @Mariam Hakim- Coming soon my lovely !
    If anyone wants to request a celeb inspired tutorial i will be on to it asap x :) x
    Sophie-lou x

  5. I'd like to see more reviews- which will end with me buying more stuff :p!!!

  6. hey L.F lol haha yeah it would indeed end in more spending unfortunately we just cant help ourselves can we :) x


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