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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hey girlies , I've been busy corcheting this past week and Ive found some lovely patterns online for headbands, beret/beanie hats, gloves, scarfs , Phone/ ipod socks and lots more pretty little crochet goodies and I'm going to start selling my crochet accessories here on my blog to help fund my materials for my university course that im starting in october :) Ive gotten permission to use the patterns for my crochet cratfs from CreativeYarn which is great as she has lots of lovely patterns which i cannot wait to create for myself to wear and for you to buy from my blog :)
This is the headband that i had made for myself last week and i love it its super comfortable to wear and ties at the back to fit everyones size. It can be worn as one strand or double strand with your hair up or down it just looks so pretty and as Bow's are 'In' fashion at the moment it will look great !
Hope you like this little headband and i'll be selling them as of next week here on my blog in a veriation of colours and all payments will be taken through paypal so that its all safe and secure to buy from me :)x
Thanks for reading ,
Sophie-lou x

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  1. love it! I made one exactly the same, did you find the pattern on ravelry? If you haven't joined yet, join now! crochet/knit heaven xxx

  2. Hey Carmen :) yeah i did find it on ravelry its an awesome site! i was like yay ive found a gem with this one :) x
    Glad you like it !

  3. Adore them. Thanks for following, I'm following back.


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