Black Autumn Ball Nail Art...

Friday, September 17, 2010

Here is my best friend's mum Lesley's nails and toe nails that i did for her last night ready for her Autumn Work Ball this evening! Its a Black glossy nail polish as a base and then silver and white flicks on her ring fingers with silver glitter and rhinestones. I think it looks super pretty and with a little touch of glitter over the top of the flicks it will catch the lights and look really glamorous along with the rhinestone catching every ones eye.

Ive got a very similar nail tutorial of this nail art coming soon to my blog using the same nail art and flicks but on a dolphin blue base!

Thanks for reading!
Sophie-Lou x

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  1. Oooh very sophis! What do you use for the flicks - is it a nail pen? :) x

  2. hey daisy , yeh its a nail art pen i got like 74 from ebay a year ago for £25ish was a super bargain! an they are the duo pens meaning it had a brush and a dotter on the top of it x its so good x
    Sophie-lou x

  3. im glad you like it ashura! :) x
    thanks for commenting x
    Sophie-lou x


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