A-Level Results are out!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Yay today i received my A-level results and i was sooo chuffed! i only sat two a-levels due to not sitting the art as exam last year so i had resat the art as level exam. So my results were

AS Level
Art - D

Design technology - B
Sociology - A*

So I'm leaving school with a B and an A* at a-level and I'm sooo happy as it wasn't the easiest time for me to sit my exams but with the love and support off Craig who supported me the whole time and off my dad ,family and friends i managed to sit my exams and then get these results so i thanks them all a lot for their love and support especially in the last 4 months.

Ive just come home from a lusshhh meal at the Toby Carvery with Craig and my mum and the food was sooo nice , i hadn't had a carvery for ages and it was soooooooo lushhhh!! yummmm!
Going to have nice snuggles in our Jimmy Jam's now with my craig as its cold and rainy outside here in wales, Arghhh to the weather but i do love my snuggles! x

O yeah and as i got home from getting my results i heard back from the uni i have applied for and they told me my interview was today :O so i was shocked at the short notice but chuffed as it was now or never as its last places now and it was probs best as i would have stressed for a week before if I'd known in advance lol. Anyway it went really well and i got a place on the art one year course all ready for next Sept when i start my 3 year course at the same uni yay!

Today couldn't have gone any better x
The Pictures are of my cards and presents i had off my dad :) i had the balloon and chocolate champaigne bottle off my dad which i love and the cards were off my family and friends x

How did you girlie's out there who got their exam results today get on ? let me know x so we can all celebrate together he he x

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