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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Hey Girlies , today i was thinking about my birthday as its creeping up on me again :) yay im going to be 19 on the 3rd of October which im looking forwards to as i love presentss :) x lol

So ive been researching Elf Make up and have never baught from them but i really want to and have a little wish list but im not sure as ive heard so many good and bad reviews on the products ive got mixed feelings weither to go ahead and buy from them.

Could you please let me know if any of you have baught from elf, your experiences with them , and if any of the products on my wishlist are any good ?

Hopefully hear from you soon x My blogs been pretty quiet recently, im lonely here girls :) x

Sophie-lou x

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  1. hello gorgeous! I haven't commented for ages :S how u been?!

    I have the fire coral nail polish, when I first saw it I was disappointed as I thought the colour in the bottle looked totally different from the online sample but i'm in LOVE with it! it comes out the right colour on your nails so great choice, blush is also a gorgeous gold colour, looks more bronzey in the bottle but so gorgeous on the nails.
    The polishes DO chip very easily so you neeeed a top coat :]

    the liquid lipstick is more of a gloss tbh,just not a gooey as a normal gloss. They're nice though, pretty sheer. when you get them, the product in the tube looks darker in rl than it does on the site but don't let it put you off, i like the glosses :]

    the blush was more of a let down for me personally, i don't really like shimmery blush :/ and it felt like it could do with more pigment. My fave blush is my sleek pixie pink, its super pigmented, all i need to do is tap my brush on it a couple of times and it's enough, but with the elf blush I have to sweep over it a few times to get the colour payoff how I want it, and it doesn't last long enough. But I suppose everyones different, what doesnt work for me might work for you, So i suggest you just go for it, get what you want as they're super cheap and experience it for your self so you know exactly what you'll be getting more of and what you'll avoid like the plague.

    can't wait to see what you get! huge huggles xXx

  2. I recommend all of the elf studio brushes they are amazing!!! So soft and cheap!!! I like the blusher one in particular :D

  3. heyyyyy yay! comments , my 1st comments in like 3 weeks lol i was wondering if my comments werent working haha x
    @ Carmen - heyyy :) yeh ive been good thanks ,enjoying all this time off before i start my course in octover :) ,thanks for the great reply to my post , such a good insight into the products. I will defo go ahead and buy for my bday , well when i say buy i meen ask someone else to get it for me :D as i do defo wanna try it all for myself x is the sleek pixie pink on elf website or am i being dull and its a completely different brand lol hehe x
    Great to hear from you again x was missing my blog buddies :) x
    @L.F- yeh ive heard that the brushes are awesome x they do look great and the blusher/ bronzer one lookes realy huge and fluffy for all over face cover if you know what i mean. But for now im not going to order any brushes as i had loads of mac ones for xmas and i have nooo room in my makeup bags lol hense the word Bags theres more than 1 lol x hehe x thanks for commenting x speak soon x
    Sophie-lou x


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