Coral Animal print nail art...

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Amys Amazing Nail art

Hi here is my coral animal print nail art that i did on my nails today :) ive taken my inspiration from Amy Blair over at her blog which is absolutely amazing and she has sooo many fantastic nail art designs which i cant wait to take inspiration from and do on myself and my friends nails.
Click Here to see the nail art design that i took inspiration from , thanks again Amy i very much appreciate your concent to use your designs x

Let me know if you like this design and ill do tutorial for you to recreate this fab design yourselves :) Thanks for reading!

Sophie-lou x

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  1. Wow they look so pretty :) xoxo

  2. awesome.yeah deff do a tutorial!

  3. hi girls thanks for commenting :) I will defo be doing a tutorial v.soon as ive just got my HD camera up and running with my editing software so i look forwards to sharing my videos with you all very soon :) yay ! x
    sophie -lou x

  4. Wow gorgeous nails! I am impressed that you actually did this yourself. Looking forward to your tutorial!
    ashura @


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