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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Today I saw a ladys toe nails in a shop and they had this great nail art on them which caught my eye :) i liked it so much instead of asking where she had it done or if she had done it herself i decided to copy it on my toes lol :) x So here are my Black & Yellow with a twist nails with a glitter top coat and a yellow rhinestone to really make this nail art special!
I really like it and it can be done with any colours , it was tricky to do the flicks on the left foot as my hand doesnt easily flick that way if you know what i mean but im overall happy with the final effect x
Hope you like this post x leave a comment and let me know i havent heard from you all in a while ?
Sophie-lou x

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  1. Gosh you have way more patience than me - I would get fed up after about 2 nails, esp If i went wrong!! Looks nice! :0)

  2. lol thanks daisy :) it did take a while lol :) but i have nothing else to do now im waiting till october to start my new course hehe. BTW you were my first comment in ages i was starting to think my comments werent working haha x
    Sophie-lou x


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