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Saturday, July 31, 2010


Last night we had a chill tv pizza night with Craig Katie and I and it was the same day that i had just painted my nails the black and grey nail art and katie loved them so i treated her to her to a manipedi and did her nails and her toes in the same style nail art as my Resent NOTD but instead used the nail varnish that i had mixed together myself at home to get the right shade i wanted. Its like a bright pink/coral/orange/cold nail varnish as i mixed a few different shades of varnish together to get the perfect summery girlie nail varnish. So Katie had my custon nail varnish as the base instead the grey varnish i used on my nails and had black and gold flicks and glitter instead of silver flicks and glitter that i had.I think they looked sooo nice and she loved the colours and we were laughing as they looked lush but a bit Tigger ish lol from Winnie the pooh! but she still loved them and now shes a matching manipedi she can go into labour anytime in the next week knowing that her nails look fab :) x
She was a bit conciouse of the pictures going on here and she is a bit puffey on her hands and feet due to being due anytime now with her lovely lil man :) x Cant wait to meet him x

Hope you liked this post and if you have any requests on nail tutorials let me know and ill be sure to post a video or picture tutorial asap for you x

Sophie-lou x

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