Hello Mr Squirrel..

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Look who I found stealing all my neighbours bird feed of the line this morning lol Mr squirrel he he. I absolutely love animals of any kind and when i realised that there was a squirrel on the line i couldn't help but grab my camera and start snapping an before i knew it i had over 120 pictures of this amazing squirrel! He was dangling upside down off the line whilst eating the nuts he had gotten from the bird feeder lol so cleaver. He looks quite young so I'm guessing he is a baby still as he is really trusting of me as well and the older ones usually scarper when they realise they are in the presence of a human but this one let me realise he was there , open the backdoor, walk right up to the fence to be able to snap him in full HD quality :) x I got so carried away i forgot to film lol but hopefully he will be back soon and i can film him as its so funny to watch him dangle off the line lol :) x
Here are some pictures of him on his little food mission and I hope you like them x
Sophie-lou x

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