Art Final Show!

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Here are a few pictures from my Art final show which is a presentation of every ones work over the last 2 years. My work is more practical and now drawn so my display was lacking paintings but full of my little sock animals :) x Every ones drawings , paintings and displays were fantastic and Its hard to believe that some of the work is only As or A2 school work. Theres also a picture that i took in the car of me and my best friend katie who is due to give birth to her lovely little logan in 5 weeks hense her beautiful pregnant glow :) x

Hope you like the pictures and feel free to leave a comment :) x

Sophie-Lou x

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  1. Really amazing pictures... I love the different kinds of art! Oh and you've been tagged :)


  2. Aww Thanx for the little comment soph. Logan must know that you have wrote about him aswell because he is kicking me like mad atm haha. Love you byeee xxxx

  3. Hey May , ive posted my tag :) thank you!!
    Sophie-lou x

  4. aww i bet he does :)getting vibes from his God mummy you see :P x logan our lil rocker baby! x love you bye x


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