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Friday, July 02, 2010

Warning Long (but interesting) post below! =]

Aww how i love being finished with school I've got so much time now to just do all my hobbies :)

I was delighted to find myself tagged by the lovely May at XSMIRAGE ! So thank you very much for tagging me. The way this tag works is the person who tags you makes 8 questions up that they wish you to answer and once you have finished answering their questions , make 8 up of your own and pass it along to 8 more lovely bloggers :) x

So here goes with answering May's questions ...

1.What are three things you love about yourself?

Well i would say i love that i have the best boyfriend in the world! He is the ONE! x And that we have a beautiful little baby house cat :) Jodie! x I love my dad who is the best dad anyone could wish for and he's always there for me and I'm a very lucky girlie to have such a great dad in my life! x And the last thing i would say i love is that I'm ambitious but in every one of my hobbies,photography,textiles,makeup,fashion,animals,art...etc... so its a good thing in a sense that i have many interests and hobbies but its not such a good thing in that I don't know which one to pursue in life as my career. lol.
2.What are my favourite places to shop?

Boots defo as it just has all my favourite drugstore makeup products in there and i could literally buy the whole cosmetics part of the shop hehe and perfume. New look as i love the print t-shirts and handbags at such good prices . But my favourite place to shop as in place not shop is cribs causeway in Bristol as its full of awesome shops to choose from and has a Millie's cookies :) x

3.If you have a tattoo('s) what is it and why did you get it? if you don't have one what would you get and why?

I would get either a really small and delicately drawn Eiffel tower as i love Paris so much and always will as its got such good memories for me and my boyfriend ! or just the word Paris , or to start off with a little star and then add the word Paris under it so the star dottes the I in Paris! All on my wrist or ankle.

4. Where do you see your self in 15 years?

18+15=33, I will hopefully be successful in what ever area of my hobbies i choose to pursue and have lost of money and will be living in the house which Craig and I designed and managed as our side project , our own Little Grand design as we love watching that programme and dreaming up the house we will have one day :) a house by the sea just as Craig mum wanted in the style of a LA beach house , and i will be married to Craig with a few more cats and maybe even a little baby Jenner running around the place :) x

5.If you could live somewhere for a month were would it be?

It would be either Paris or Colorado as Ive never been to Colorado but Craig has and absolutely loved it and then he could finally teach me how to ski :P He's always telling me about the lovely shops and ski slopes and if we could have two weeks in the summer there and two weeks in the winter we would get the best of one place as we could swim, take bike rides and camp in the summer and then two weeks in winter over the Christmas holidays so we could ice skate in the night and eat cookies and coffee in a cute coffee shop in the show :)

6.What is one thing you could eat everyday?

I could officially eat mushrooms everyday hehe, I'm obsessed with all foods mushroom :), mushroom soup, mushroom pizza, mushroom pasta bakes, mushrooms raw and mushroom in white wine sauce yummy!!

7.What are some things you like best about having a blog?

I love getting to share my interests with everyone, i love sharing my makeup tips and tricks and i absolutely love signing in to blogger and having lots of lovely comments to read on my posts :) makes my day!

8.If you could choose to have all the cosmetics of one cosmetic line which one would it be and why?

Well i don't have any Mac cosmetics yet but i have Mac brushes as i had two lovely brush sets for Christmas off my dad and Craig and they are great :) but i would love to own every product from every collection because it all looks so beautiful and i love the different shades or lipsticks and eye make up !

I hope you enjoyed my 8 questions tag from May :) x
Here are my 8 questions, Ive kept a few of Mays as they were such great questions to ask...

1.What is your most precious possession and why is it so important to you?
2.If you could live somewhere for a month where would it be and why?
3.What is your favourite cosmetic product and why? (including nail varnish)
4..If you have a tattoo or numerous tattoos what is it and why did you get it? If you haven't got a tattoo , what would you have and why?
5.What is your favourite animal in the world and why is it your favourite?
6.Who is your favourite make-up guru on YouTube or blogger?
7.What would you do with a million pound?
8.Where do you see yourself in 10years time?

I tag:
Have fun answering these questions girlie's :) x cant wait to read all your answers :) x
Sophie-Lou x

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  1. Aww thanks so much for tagging me :) some great questions and answers :) Ill get it done very soon :)

    Thanks for following my blog too im following you back now great blog :) x

  2. thanks nicola :) its a pleasure no worries :) x
    Sophie-lou x

  3. I love the Mall at Cribbs too, but poss Cabot Circus more now its open - have you been? :)


  4. hey daisy aww i love that name x so pretty lol :) nooo i havent been to cabot yat :( i defo need to go everyone says its the best now such great shops there x
    Sophie-lou x

  5. Sophie, where did you got that beautiful tattoo? *.*

    1. Aww It was photoshopped on lol :) x Thanks tho x


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