Yay! my comments are working now :)

Sunday, June 06, 2010

YAY!, I finally figured out how to get my comments section working with this new template :) I'm so glad as you have all just started following me and couldn't leave any comments which was pointless because i really want to hear what you all have to say !
Feel free to leave me a few comments on my posts girlie's :P thanks x

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  1. Hey! I'm a recent follower, thought I'd be the first to comment yayaa ^.^ haha!

  2. Hey I'm also a recent follower too! Its funny we've done almost the same subjects well art and textiles. What are you doing next year? Pretty sure you've just finished year 13 right lol. Would love you to check out my blog- http://lfmakeup.blogspot.com if you are interested :)

  3. thanks girls aww yay comments lol i was so chuffed to see responces at last! :)
    @ keepingfaithx, thanks for the first comment ever :) ill be sure to follow back !
    @L.F Make-Up, Yeh I'm coming to the end of year 13 now ive just got a few sociology exams left and then i'm done with school :) yay!, im thinking about doing an art foundation for a year and then going on to do fashion at uni i think but im so indecisive because i love makeup,nails,art,textiles and animals lol so could end up doing any one of those subjects :) I'll check out your blog now and follow . thank you again for the comment ,
    Sophie-lou x

  4. Same I've got 3 exams left and then its over!! I'd say go for it, for the art foundation but I'm biased! I'm hoping to incorporate make-up, fashion and obviously art and see what direction I'll be heading and then uni too. But I get what you mean, I'm doing a foundation year as I can't decide!! And thanks, I'm loving your blog I was really confused on how to comment before!!

  5. yeh same with the art foundation becasue im not so much of a drawer i much more enjoy making things , textile things lol as you can probs tell from my posts :). So yeh i'll apply for it and see what happens i just dont want to start the course and then not like it so ill see after my exams how i feel :) x I've got 3 aswell lol sociology first then textiles theory and then sociology again , my first ones is tuesday tho so best get revising lol,
    Your blogs awesome to i went through both your blogs and all your art work is all at such a high standard! Even tho i should be doing A2 the works actually AS as i didnt hand in my stuff last year or do the exam due to family issues, but i can still leave and go to art foundation year 1 if i want which is good :) x
    Good luck with your exams!
    x sophie-lou x

  6. Oh I see. My first is Tuesday.. media resit so I should be revising too lol!!! I'm so nervous for the textiles one as we've not really concentrated a whole lot on theory (switching teachers etc.) so I need to really revise for that one!! You too good luck with exams sure you will be fine.. textiles is my last one so will quiz you on how it when :P

  7. mines a resit too tuesday hehe, omg i havent even started looking at my textiles theory stuff, i dont even know if the teachers gave us anything other than past papers :s o dear lol.
    Yeah will do defo let you know how it went :) x
    Sophie-lou x


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