Summer Coral!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Click the image to see this tutorial clearly :)

Today I've done a coral summer make-up look. I wore this look out to a BBQ on the weekend and i loved how summery and pretty it is, its not too over powering for a casual BBQ either its just perfect for an outside summer day/night event.
I found this eyeshadow pallet at my dads house last week ,in my old make up draw and as it was missing the lid to it so i don't know what make it is and i cannot remember for the life of me what make it as and when i bought it , I'm thinking it may be Avon but I'm really not sure :S but the colours are so lush and very smooth on the skin.
Above is a picture of the pallet (lidless) and the swatches. No names sorry as i don't know what it is :(
I used the natural collection corrector eye cream to prime my eye as a base for the eye shadows.
I also used a pencil liner from ASDA George, which is really creamy and smooth so its easy to apply. I would love to say its a mac lipstick i used but its not, its a Boots natural collection moisture shine lipstick in shade rose petal which is a very light pinky coral which i love! its so smooth and looks so nice on my lips which are very dark so it takes a lot to lift my natural lip colour and this does it very well. It costs around £2 and is great coverage and lasting finish is great also.
The blusher colour i used is actually the same eyeshadow as i used on my eyes , it is subtle on the checks and ties the whole look in together perfectly.
The mascara used is no7 extravagant lashes which I've reviewed before on one of my very first blogs. Love the length it gives me and fullness but don't really like the brush as its a strange square shape :S so ... but it looks great!
Think that's all about the products used.. o yeah and the brushes used were MAC.
Thanks for Reading and i hope you enjoyed my tutorial! x
Sophie-lou x

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  1. ooooh love this look on you it suits u sooooo much :D x

  2. thank you sarah! im sure it would look great on you too :) why not try it out n let me know how it goes , i'd love to see! x
    sophie-lou x

  3. Very pretty look! That palette looks fab' too :)

  4. thanks L.F , i know id love to be able to remember where i got it from because its so lush and the colours feel lush on the eye aswell! x


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