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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Wooooohooo eventually coloured my hair today yay! its been in desperate stage for a while now but i just haven't had the time or money to get it done, so since Ive got a little time off now until revision starts again Monday :( i decided to go buy the colour and Craig came to my rescue and coloured it for me.
Its the red shade that i was when i went to Paris for my birthday the Schwarzkopf live unlimited gloss range shade 845 burnished red and its beautiful but i changed to a more toned down shade just before and after Christmas with the Perfect 10 light auburn which was nice but was too brown for me i need it bright and a wow shade of red :) and seaming's its summer again a bright red it just what i want as it will beam in the sun and look great! :)
Also the perfect 10 colour didn't last very long at all and if you have/had red hair you will know exactly how hard it is to maintain a healthy looking colour, which after about 2 weeks this certainly wasn't, it looked washed out and dry :( But the live colours are normally pretty good with lasting power so ill keep you updated with how the colour and conditions going.
Heres a few pictures of the product and how it looks on me :D and tomorrow ill be posting a makeup tutorial on how to get the look of the model on the front of the live hair colours box :) Which im looking forwards to doing as its such a cute smokey sultry eye!

Hope you like this post, thanks for reading girlies!
Sophie-lou x

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  1. Aww your hair looks lovely soph ") it looks really long now too, and your make-up looks lush, like a new woman hehe.
    Love you byeee <3

  2. thank youuuu k8 =] i no it has grown loaaaddsss and to think id just gone red this time last year and it was a long bob =],
    speak to you soon ,
    love you bye x
    sophie-lou x


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