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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hey Girlie's, I have decided to discuss and review my perfume collection with you all as one of my fellow blogger recently asked for advice from us readers on our summer Perfume choices. Ive collected a few perfumes over the last year or so and I didn't used to be into having perfume as a present at Christmas but since my trip to Paris in October it opened my eyes to how many beautiful perfumes there are out their since i visited Sep hora Paris! All of my perfumes have a personal memory to go with them.Ive got some good and bad reviews to hopefully help you out when choosing what to buy or not to buy for yourself as a present or for a male boyfriend/friend/family member :)
I'll start with my collection...
VSL Elle- 90ml £71.00- This perfume is my favourite perfume of the lot and i wear it mostly everyday because its just so nice. The Bottle on its own is soo pretty and expensive looking with its bright pink bottle and gold VSL plate. LOVE IT! . The scent is very fruity but glamours if that makes sense , it doesn't smell like a cheap Eau de toilette if you know what i mean.Its not too heavy or to light a scent either for everyday use. This perfume always gets comments when I'm wearing it, my best friend Katie every time i see her she says ' you smell lush!' even when its the same perfume, she just loves it lol as i do :) Defiantly recommend asking for this for your next bday/xmas present. This is my Paris perfume as i had to for my birthday in Paris :)
Givenchy Ange ou demon Le Secret- 30ml £37.00 -This perfume is my second Fav as its also such a lovely summery perfume which is full of grace and elegance. I don't wear this everyday as its more of a special occasion perfume and Ive only got 30ml lol. I would wear it everyday if i didn't have to wait so long to buy some more :)The bottle again is so glam as its a jewel type shape and its a gorgeous pink champagne colour liquid which looks great in the bottle.Very girlie indeed, some perfume i find are a bit ' old' like more of the older more mature lady scent but these perfumes so far are more targeted at the 18-30 age range i would say. Its again fruity and flowery with great lasting power that's why i recommend for a party as it will stay on most of the night depending on how much you plan on dancing :P This perfume is my daddy's girl Christmas perfume as my dad bought it for me :)
Armani Code for women- 30ml £35.00- This perfume is a more musky type perfume without being too old fashioned and manly.Its full of scents from the orange blossom,Madagascar vanilla,Sambac jasmine and honey. Its a fun perfume with an interesting bottle like it has a dark secret to tell if you get what i mean. The Scent is also quite mysterious and interesting i cant quite put my finger on what it smells of bit its lovely and smells Divine! a Real sexy perfume for like a date or something like that. This perfume is my 17Th Birthday gift from my lovely boyfriend Craig which i wore on our day trip to the zoo :) which was awesome and this scent always reminds me of the great day i had cutesy of Craig!
Ricci Ricci by Nina Ricci- 50ml £39.00- I was super existed to be getting this perfume as a present for Christmas as the advert was in Paris and we all know my obsession with all things Paris! lol but when i smelt it i was kind of disappointed, it wasn't as lovely as my previous reviewed perfumes and more of an 'older' women scent not a Young lady perfume. Its quite fruity but also not a very summery perfume more of a October-Feb perfume. The bottle again is great though which is also one of the reasons i asked for it in the first place as I'm drawn to great packaging and this one is so pretty its a metallic pink bow for a lid and a pink apple like bottle. Super pretty ornament not so pretty smell :) This is my not to be asked for again Christmas perfume lol.
Kate by Kate moss ( i think its called Kate not too sure sorry)- 30ml £11.75 -This perfume is my least favourite and the cheapest perfume out of my collection as its quite as Ive said before 'old' smelling, its pretty i suppose as its a flowery scent but its got an underlying smell of old lady eau de toilette which is a complete no no! for a nice young smelling perfume, which surprised me as i would have thought Kate moss would have wanted a nicer smelling perfume to her name :s. I wont be purchasing this perfume again nore will i be spraying it on myself lol as it will get me comments for sure but not positive ones lol. This is my No Go perfume!

For Men Perfume's/aftershaves-
Clinique Happy- 100ml £47.00- This perfume for men is just so lush, its the perfume Craig was wearing on our first date and it is definitely a lovely fruity summery scent.Its got sparking, lingering scents of Ruby Red Grapefruit, Boysenberry Bush Flower, and Hawaiian Wedding Flower. He's bought this perfume and had it as a present countless birthdays and Christmas's after another without considering anything else as its so nice. All of our friends comment on him smelling nice lol so its not just nice to me its nice to everyone who knows Craig also :) This is the first date perfume, LOVE IT!
D & G No.3 L'Imperatrice- 90ml £55- This perfume is very fruity indeed and its such a nice scent its actually part of the D&G unisex range and even thought its very fruity and feminine its also very nice on Craig as its not too manly in a musky 'old' scenes. It consists of Rhubarb, Red Currant, Juicy Kiwi,Pink Cyclamen, Watermelon Accord, Jasmine Petal, Musky Notes, Sandalwood, Grapefruit Wood so a very fruity scent indeed :). Defiantly recommended as a present for a boyfriend or younger male family member not so much a Dad fragrance. This is a Craig Birthday perfume!
D & G No. 1 Le Bateleur- 90ml £55- This perfume is also a lovely manly fragrance more of a man scent that the last perfume reviewed as its more musky and woody. Its defiantly a good one for a fathers day present or a masculine boyfriend present. Its a very clean fresh and sexy fragrance. This perfume consists of Cardamon, Juniper Berry, Birch Leaf, Aquatic Accord, Coriander, Vetiver, White Cedar wood, Qubanum. Very highly recommended fragrance. Quite expensive though so maybe a one off at Christmas.

Obviously different people different opinions but i think Ive done a pretty good job at reviewing the scents from a non bias point of view.All the prices above are from Boots stores UK. Hopefully Ive helped you out with your perfume choices and future present hunting. :)
Whats your favourite perfume I'd love to hear from you!
Thanks for reading ,
Sophie-Lou x

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  1. Ohh wow interesting post. I have the Givenchy perfume too! I think my favourite is Marc Jacobs Lola but it is quite a strong one. How your exam go today?!

  2. thank youuu :P i havent smelt that one yet but ill be sure to have a pick up a sample next time im in boots :) i love the bottle though isnt that the one with the flower plastic lid, if it is its awesome packaging x I didnt have an exam today but i have one next thurs :( thats my tech one :( revising arghh!! hows yours going ?
    x sophie-lou x

  3. Yeah it is :) Whoops my bad!!! I was so nervous for it today and it was nothing like the specimen paper we were given. Questions (as in subject matter) and format it was split into loads of mini questions.

    It had more self knowledge questions than anything you'd learn from a book/class!! Had to blag most of it. Good luck!!! I know you will do brill' and finished today. SO HAPPY!!!

  4. aw thats great i cant wait to be all done! will be so lush x what exam was it today then coz thats not very good for you at all :( x i had to blag and waffle my way through the 40mark question in soc last week :s lol not good idea but awell, theres nothing i can do about it now aii lol. x

  5. i'll always be an angel girl at heart lol i also love old classics eg tresor, loulou, anais anais. my fave celeb scent is j-lo's glow hands down :D great post xx

    OOOO OOOO and ralph lauren's Lauren :] me likey xx

  6. @ Carmensays,Thanks yeh j-lo's perfume is really nice my friend has worn that before and it was lush! The others i havent smelt yet but i defo will when i visit boots next , im going to have a loads of samples to smell after these comments lol :)
    lol love the me likey :)
    Sophie-Lou x

  7. great post!! :)
    i've never tried any of these perfumes, i'll definitely check them out soon!

  8. :) let me know how you find them when you do then girlie, im sure you will love them :) well the highly rates ones anyway lol :) x
    Sophie-lou x

  9. hey check out my award...someone got tagged ;) xoxo

  10. awww yay thanks x :) i dont really understand awards :( but i wish i did becasue they seam great! yay! if you could explain them 2 me i would really appreciate it .Thanks again !
    Sophie-lou x


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